Will Our Relationship Work Out?

by Khan Afrin
(Mumbai, India)


I love a guy and he loves me too. However, he has recently gotten engaged to a girl of his mother’s choice – and there are chances he may get married to her too.

I am really confused in this situation – are we really made for each other? Will circumstances favour us? What do I do?


Every person has the power to consciously choose what he wants in life. Whether we actually choose or not depends on our belief system.

Your boyfriend has the power to choose you and be assertive with his parents. He can talk to them and tell them that you are right for him. In the short term he may have to fight with them and endure uncomfortable circumstances, but in the long run, I am sure he will be happier with you. Therefore, I believe that if he really wants to be with you for life, he should tell his parents that and be ready to face the consequences.

If on the other hand, your boyfriend does not oppose his parents and lets them make a choice for him, then well, you cannot help it because a firm step on his behalf is necessary if he has to be with you for the rest of his life.

Therefore, I would say, it all depends on your boyfriend. Is he ready to be assertive about his choice or does he want to allow his parents to make the choice of his bride for him? Only he can tell.

What you can do however, is pray or intend. I have seen the power of intention work for me many times, so why don’t you try it too? During the day, you can take 5 minutes or so – and imagine that everything is fine – that your boyfriend is getting married to you and you are living happily. Try to clearly, really imagine the scene for some minutes.

Then go about your daily activities. During the rest of the day too, focus on the fact that things will work in your favour and don’t let any bad thoughts like “what if he marries another person?” come into your mind. Talk to yourself and tell yourself that you are intending and your intention will work.

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Of course, as I said earlier, it is your boyfriend who has to stand up and choose here. You can only intend.