Thinking - "Why Am I Sad?" Here's an Interesting Solution. :)

Are you feeling sad right now? 

I too have been sad many, many times. In fact there have even been times when I have been down in the dumps.

Recently, however I discovered a fascinating way that makes me happy in a matter of few hours no matter what the cause of grief.

I have not always succeeded at becoming happy through this technique, but it has worked for me 6 times in the past one month! Every single time I have ended up feeling joyous and absolutely wonderful after using it. :)

Why am I sad?

The technique is:

“Doing something with all your heart for someone else.”

Does this sound weird? Or impossible?

But the amazing fact is that it actually works!

Once I was very sad and not happy with life at all. At that moment I somehow got the idea of making a friend feel happy by sending him a virtual gift. So I logged onto and selected a virtual gift that expressed what I felt for this friend. And I sent it!

The strange fact is that immediately after sending the gift, I felt absolutely enthusiastic and kicked up about life! I suddenly felt hopeful about my day. :)

And this hope had come from doing something for someone else with a pure heart.

On another occasion I was in an “Okayish” mood as I crossed the road with a pouch of fruit juice in my hand. A young lad sitting in a gap in the middle of the road started staring at my fruit juice.

“Give that to me please”, he said.

My first reaction was resentment. “It’s mine”, I told him, “How can I give it to you?”

The boy just kept looking at me with a blank expression as I walked past him. After a minute, I suddenly had a thought - “What if I gave that boy my pouch of juice? Wouldn’t it be nice to put a smile on his face? I wasn't thirsty anyway...”

I ran back to the place on the road where I had met the boy and handed him the pouch of juice. His face became flooded with a sudden flash of happiness as he received the pouch! And as I crossed the road again this time, I felt beautiful and peaceful… I felt happy :)

Did you ever move from "Why am I sad?" to a happy state of mind in a short span of time? How did you do it? Tell us all!

Then there was this other day when I was feeling rotten and down in the dumps. There were so many things to do and my to-do list wasn’t moving one inch! Where was my life heading? I was frustrated.

Suddenly, a good friend of mine messaged me, “I am in Delhi right now. Could you meet?”

My first reaction was: even more frustration. My schedule was so messed up!

But another thought flashed through me. What if I didn’t tell this friend anything but landed at his house straight? Wouldn’t he be happy? And it would be so beautiful to see that smile on his face!

So I didn’t SMS this friend back but landed straight at his house without intimation. The expression on his face….filled me with immense joy. We had an amazing time that evening and my sadness melted away!

Again - doing something purely for another had changed my grief into happiness.

holding hans with love, why am i sad feelings picture

I m sad. "Why am I sad?" "Why am I sad?" Holding hands can make you get over sad feelings!

Why Does This "Overcome Sad Feelings" Technique Work?

I have no idea. :) OK maybe I have one but how does it matter? The fact is that this actually works!

Maybe we become happy because genuinely making someone else feel happy…somehow connects us with the truest part of our own self. Maybe we stop worrying about a hundred things and become our pure and innocent self when we put a smile on another’s face….

I don’t really know. But if you are feeling sad right now, this is the perfect time to try this technique!

Some Interesting Ideas to Get Over "Why Am I Sad?"

Here are some interesting things you could do:

a) Write a letter thanking a friend who lives in another city for all the beautiful things he has done for you and posting it. :)

b) Send 5 people you really love surprise gifts that they would appreciate. Without any reason!

c) Go out on the streets, look a beggar in the eye - smile and give him good quality food from a popular restaurant.

d)Suddenly visit a friend who lives in the same city as you, hug him and tell him you love him (because you do!). Then you can come back home.:)

I am sure - the expression of pure and innocent joy that you will see on the other person’s face in each case will make your day. You will stop thinking - "Why am I feeling sad?" and start feeling wonderful instantly.

So why not try this method to get over sad feelings right away? :)

Have a beautiful day. :)

PS: Here's another interesting article about how love spreads and the power of love...

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