Who Is Steve Pavlina?

Steve Pavlina is the most popular inspirational writer on the web with his website StevePavlina.com receiving 10 million page views a month. He is also the author of the best selling book Personal Development For Smart People. He is a personal growth enthusiast with a diehard commitment towards living a life that is true to who he is deep down.

There are two cool things about Steve Pavlina - the first being that he talks directly and boldly without going around in circles. Most of us want to be spoken to in that way when we are down. When we are low we want someone telling us, "Get up and rock the world. Don't just sit there sulking!" That's exactly how his quotes talk too which is why they are very effective.

The second cool thing is that he is honest. On his own website, he's talked about how he was a thief once (will anyone talk about such things openly?) and his own divorce some years ago (again, would anyone be open about it?). He admits his mistakes publicly and still strives to learn things with a childlike passion. I like that.

However, no matter what he is like - the one thing that makes me give you that 120% guarantee is that the quotes are effective. Even if you've never heard of Steve Pavlina, there's no denying that when you'll look for something to boost your spirits, the quotes will stand by you.

You can learn more about him here.

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