Who Am I?

Really Short Version

I'm Meghashyam Chirravoori and I live in New Delhi, India. I'm an avid personal growth enthusiast and am always looking for ways to improve my own life, go beyond my own fears, be happier etc. I'm the author of 2 inspirational books - 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes and 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks.

Apart from writing articles on this site, I also host a weekly audio series on iTunes

When I am not conducting real life experiments or inspiring others, I tend to my spinach plant, read mystery novels, play action games on my phone, and spend time with my wonderful wife Krupa.

In Depth Version

Well, hi again. I'm Meghashyam Chirravoori still. ;)

I was born as the only child of my parents in 1987.

I was brought up in Chandigarh, India. It’s a small city but they say it is the cleanest city in India.

That's Chandigarh railway station (Src - Chanchal47)

Since I was an only child, I became sort of an introvert and all I would do was sit alone at home and read. I loved reading. Wuthering heights. Autobiography of a Yogi. Anton Chekhov’s stories. Enid Blyton’s mysteries. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. I loved books.

Then I finished grade 10. In India, after you’ve finished grade 10, you do either of 2 things. You “prepare” for an engineering entrance exam. Or you prepare for a medical entrance exam. That gives you a future. I prepared for my engineering entrance exam. I had no idea why I was doing it but I did it anyway.

Apparently I had prepared well enough – because I got into IIT, India’s top engineering institution.

At IIT, I discovered that I was a terribly shy guy. Years of living alone with my books made me afraid of people, nervous…I thought lowly of myself. And for the first time I was alone, responsible for myself, amidst people I didn’t really know.

Sometimes I would stay in my room all day. I hardly had any friends.

The Defining Moment

Then in June 2007, my life changed. In one day.

I was at home for the summer holidays. It was 5 AM in the morning, and I woke up early that day. I wanted to go jog on the road. To be fit.

As I came out to jog, I saw some neighbours taking a walk. And I thought – “Oh they will see me jogging….What will they think of me?” And I felt terribly embarrassed. Yes, that is how I was at that time. Afraid. Of everything.

And then something struck me: what if I don’t care about how embarrassed I feel and jog?

What if I were ripped apart but still jogged? What if I was OK with being called a moron and a fool and still jogged?

I jogged. I imagined people staring at me and calling me names. And I still jogged.

By the time I came home for breakfast – I had discovered something. If you look a fear in the face, it disappears. And you feel amazing.

The new discovery stuck with me. In the next few days, I started challenging myself. As soon as I noticed fear creeping in, I would say, “Let me be ripped apart. Let me break into pieces. But let me do this that I fear.”

My Personal Growth Journey

This attitude of facing my fears stayed and from that day onwards I started challenging myself to face anything I was afraid of rather than bowing down to it.

I started by conducting an experiment to do one thing I was afraid of everyday. Initially, I faced small fears like asking a bus conductor not to smoke or talking to a girl despite being weak in my knees. Soon, I volunteered to co-convene a state cultural festival. I became the cultural secretary for my department. I asked questions in class even when they were dumb. And I anchored, spoke on stage and organized singing, debating and quiz competitions. Slowly, as I faced fear after fear, life without fear became a party, a celebration: and when there was fear – I was all set to be ripped apart. 

Facing fears was just the starting point but it made me aware of the fact that I could take complete responsibility of my life and really create it from scratch.

Over the next few years, I:

*Faced even more fears

*Practiced coming back to the present moment more often

*Changed my regular thought pattern from a completely negative one to a much more empowering one

*Realized that happiness comes from pursuing your deepest excitement and not necessarily money

*Fell in love with Krupa, got married and learnt a lot of important things about relationships

*Tried manifesting 15 desires in 50 days using only the law of attraction

*Tried manifesting $500 from scratch using only the law of attraction

*Meditated everyday (almost) for 30 days and learnt about meditation

*Set the first conscious goals of my life

*Compiled my first book 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes

*Wrote and released my second book 100 Incredible Happiness Hacks

*Learnt to take more conscious responsibility for my life

*Quit my job because it was dissatisfying and not exciting

*Wrote around 200 articles on this site

* Started a podcast on iTunes called Personal Development Is Fun

My journey of personal growth continues today as I continue to learn so many new things every week. Life anyway teaches us many lessons but what excites me now is consciously embracing and welcoming those lessons rather than being frightened by them or denying them.

My Mission For This Website

I started writing articles here in July, 2009.

The core purpose of this website is this:

To help you live the best life that you can live, full of happiness and fulfillment.

As I learn new truths in my own life, I share them here. And the reason I share is because sharing what I learn gives me great joy. I love the idea of inspiring and motivating others. When I made my bucket list - a list of things to do before I died, helping other people live better lives was the first on my list. That is why I write here.

Of course I am not perfect but perfection is not my goal. The goal is to grow, to create more happiness and to understand more about how 'life' works. And share what I learn with you all.

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Well, so that's about me! Thank you so much for caring to know and read more. Have a wonderful day.

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