Is 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes For You?

The 500 Steve Pavlina Quotes E-book will keep pushing you in the right direction everyday.

But, is it a good match for you? It is a superb match if you feel any of these things:

* You feel just about OK with your daily life and want to make some real changes to make it more fearless, happy and exciting.

* You know what's wrong with your life and you also know the solutions but you want someone to keep pushing you in the right direction.

* You keep falling back into the same patterns and would love someone telling you everyday, "You are amazing, come get back and try again. Make these changes."

* You are frustrated in any area of your life - maybe career or relationships and want to improve things but you are sort of clueless about what to do.

* You feel you are not good enough at some level and would want someone to remind you everyday, "You rock! Don't give up!"

On the other hand, this e-book is NOT a good match for you if:

* You are already enjoying an amazing career and amazing relationships and think your life is just perfect with no problems.

* You are not open to changing the way you currently are and you would not like confrontations and real, concrete life improvement.

* You want quotes to use in essays or speeches or for pleasure but not in your own daily life.

* You want something OUTSIDE you to quickly change your life for the better and give you solutions without any effort on your part (that will never happen).

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