11 Ways to Be Happy That Worked For Me

There are umpteen ways to be happy, just as there are umpteen ways to be unhappy (which we are all familiar with. 😉 )

In fact, I wrote a book about 100 interesting ways to be happy.

Well, here are 11 things that I’ve actually done – and they worked for me at different times. Maybe one of them will work for you today?

Sunset and happiness
Being happy isn’t all that tough.

1 Sending Someone a Gift Without Him (Or Her) Expecting It

Recently while I was out shopping, I felt the urge to send gifts to some of my relatives, my parents and my best friends. I bought small-small things like a notepad, a little coloring book, a pair of scissors, a rubber ball with a smiley on it etc. And I sent them to people all across the country. And I felt very, very happy.

Why not gift someone you know something? Anything – bought with love? I wager a bet, you’ll feel happy after sending the gift.

2 Smiling At a Stranger Makes Me Happy

Recently I was feeling okayish – not ecstatic, just okay. Just then, an old man passed me and looked into my eyes. I looked into his and smiled. He burst out into a grin and smiled wider and said, “How do you do young boy?” We parted smiling. But amazingly, I did not feel okay anymore! I felt happy!

Why not try it out today? Come, smile at a stranger. It works!

3 Doing Something Out of Pure Love Makes Me Happy

One day I wrote a poem for a loved one and sent it. Another day, I drew a card and sent it. Amazingly, on both days, I felt so happy and nice!

I am sure, there is someone you love and you can do something nice for him today. And you’ll be happy!

4 Giving a Beggar Food to Eat Makes Me Happy

I was eating a banana one day, and when I saw a beggar on the street, I felt like giving it to her. Nothing special of course, but somehow the act of giving made me feel happy if only for a moment.

Maybe we really don’t know why we feel happy. Maybe there is no reason. But I am sure I really, really felt happy then.

Come on, do you want to lose your chance to be happy? Do something!

5 Doing Something I Like Makes Me Happy

I love anchoring on stage. I can never remember a time when I anchored a quiz or a debate or anything at all and did not feel simply ecstatic. Writing a poem makes me feel terrific. Similarly, when I read Harry Potter I was very, very happy – even when I read it again!

What do you love doing? It can be the simplest thing like drawing a flower on paper! Whatever it is, I am sure doing more of it will make you happier.

6 Spending Time With Someone I Love Makes me Happy

Fortunately, I have someone I love. Spending time with her makes me very, very happy. Especially when it’s near the sea. 🙂

By spending time, I mean, really being with the person, connecting, knowing her…

If you have no one to love, how about a cat? I love cats. 🙂 In fact, being near them and looking at them scratching or moving their paws is enough to make me smile. There must be something on this earth you love. Be with it. Love it. And be happy. It’s not that tough.

7 Looking at Little Children Makes me Happy

Today when I was going out to eat, a little boy (maybe 2 years old) shouted to me from his 2nd floor apartment – “Uncle!”. I looked up and waved at him. He was giggling and screaming and terribly happy. Just looking at him made me happy. And the fact that he had recognized me and called me, this tiny little baby, that made me happier.

Are there little children you can spend your time with? They are the wild card to happiness.:) (Sorry harrowed parents)

Helping Someone With a Problem Makes me Happy

One day I was feeling all lost in myself. Then my maid told me about her alcoholic husband. It was terrible – the way things were at her place. I forgot my travails for a while, and attended an “Alcoholics Anonymous” meeting to see what we could do. Nothing has really changed till now. And there is still a lot to be done for her to enjoy a better life.

But, the amazing thing is – while doing all this, I noticed I was much happier! I mean, I wasn’t complaining about why life sucked – I was grateful I had a nice one!

Is there anyone near you whom you could help? Any friend or acquaintance? I promise you – genuinely getting involved in solving his problem will mysteriously make you happy.

9 Looking at the Moon Makes me Happy

When did you last look at the moon? Now that I am writing about it, I remember I haven’t seen the moon in at least a week. I should look today. ;

One day, I was walking home after dinner one day, and I looked up to see the moon. It was so beautiful I just sat down where I was and kept staring. As I stared, a cloud hid it from view, moved across and then exposed the wondrous moon again.

Was this all one needed to be happy? You betcha.

10 Meeting New People Makes Me Happy

When I attended my dad’s college reunion, everyone there was new to me. Initially I felt reluctant to interact with the people there. Interestingly, when I went and introduced myself and got to know them, I felt very, happy!

meeting new people can make you happy
Meet new people. It’s not as risky as you may think.

Recently, I met a man and woman from Spain in a cafe as I was typing away on my laptop. The man asked me something about the tides and the sea, and soon we were deep in conversation! And I felt very happy!

With new people, I guess there is so much to know, so much to explore, no past to fear, nothing to hide – maybe that feels nice? How about getting to know someone new today? Any person you get a chance to interact with? At work? In your neighborhood? In a café?

You should part feeling happy and smiling like this – 🙂

11 Doing Something I Fear Makes Me Happy

What are you afraid of doing? I was terribly afraid of calling a relative of mine after a long time – What would she think of me? Would she approve of my lifestyle and not criticize? Yet, I wanted to call her, because she was ill and I did feel affection towards her. So I did. And I felt very, very happy!

What are you afraid of? Telling someone you love a fact about your life? Asking a girl out? Speaking in public? Calling up someone? I won’t say do it now because I know how that feels, but what I assure you is this: If you really DO that thing you are afraid of – you will feel very, very happy.

There, you go. 11 Keys to happiness eh? Of course there are 100 more.

I guess, all it takes it finding an activity that quietens your mind and helps you become more still and quiet. And then happiness flows in.