On Day 14, What Were the Universal Laws of Attraction Upto?

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

This is Day 14 of the law of attraction challenge. For anyone who’s just stumbled upon this page, this ‘manifest money’ page would be a boon. 🙂

Basically I am trying to manifest $500 in 21 days using the universal laws of attraction. And I perform a law of attraction exercise everyday that I receive in my mail from a guy called Jason.

By the end of Day 14, I’ve manifested $430.30!( Though there’s a catch.)

So shall I tell you what awesome stuff happened today ?

As usual of course, we’ll start with the email this Jason dude sent me.

The Email

The email was weird. It has always been that way. 😉 I have no idea where Jason picks up these exercises from. They’re fun for sure.

Today the email asked me to imagine that I did not know anything about money.

I was to imagine that I did not know what ‘economy’ was (which I don’t know anyway 😉 ) and what “finances” meant.

And I was to think this over and over again. I just didn’t know what money meant!

Thinking this would help eliminate my negative beliefs about money. I mean, if I didn’t know anything about money, how would I have any negative or positive beliefs about money?

So What’s Money?

 What is money exactly?

I am not really sure if I did today’s exercise perfectly. But yes, I tried. 🙂

In the afternoon, I took a break from work to drink lassi, a lip-smacking milk based drink.

That’s when I caught myself thinking – “I have already spent Rs 50 on my lunch and now I am spending Rs 10 on this lassi..That makes it Rs 60 for the afternoon..Everyday, I am exceeding my budget..”


“I have no idea what money is. I mean, let me look at what it is. (I took out some currency notes and stared at them.) It seems like paper. That’s what it is. All I know is that you exchange this paper and they give you stuff you like. But that’s all I know. Let me just chill!”

And I enjoyed my lassi. 🙂

In the evening, while boarding my train, I caught myself thinking, “I have to give my landlady Rs 1500 as part of my electricity bill. Isn’t she charging a bit too much? Maybe she is charging me Rs 500 more. If she is, then I might not have enough left for the rest of the month…”


“I don’t know what money is. I mean when I was born, did I know what money was? No. All I wanted was milk or love. Even when I was a boy, I wanted a toy or I wanted some delicacy. But who cared for those paper notes? I never knew what they were then. Let me become that little boy again.

There, look at that dog. Does it know anything about money? All it wants is food. If you give it that, it is happy.

Similarly, like a little boy and a dog focus on what they want and forget about money, I too should just focus on what I really desire. Money and all that is confusing. I don’t understand it. What I do understand is desire. I want lassi. I want to relax. I want to eat a pizza at Domino’s. That’s all I understand. Let me focus on just that instead of these notes. The universe will fulfill my desire.”

I definitely felt less confused though not completely clear. I think I messed up today’s exercise. I simply couldn’t get myself to actually feel that I didn’t know what money was. But then, I tried… 🙂


My cousin is getting married next month. Which is a wonderful thing. What is even more wonderful is that he called me today and offered me a free flight ticket so that I could attend his marriage!

Huh? True. And he offered it by himself, I didn’t even mention or ask..


A plane ticket will cost around Rs 3300 ($72.45) at least.

Thank you ‘universal laws of attraction’ for what I manifested today. 🙂

All is well.