The Universal Law of Attraction: Interesting Encounters with the Law of Abundance

As I understand it, the universal law of attraction says that whatever you think about causes things in the universe to mysteriously start happening.

Like if you think you’ll be a millionaire and keep thinking about it, you’ll actually become one, it says.

I am not one as yet. 🙂

And I am myself only dabbling with the law of attraction, but I’ve had quite a few surprising successes with it.

In Law of attraction techniques – 1: 17 Seconds, Law of Attraction and Manifestation! – I’ve written about my experience with an amazing law of attraction technique I came across – “That whatever you think about purely for 17 seconds happens!” Is that really true? I’ve written what happened to me. Check it out. 🙂

Everyday, in the past few weeks, I’ve tried out a new thing which made use of the law of attraction and which has made my work-to-home train journeys terribly enjoyable. Law of attraction techniques – 2: Imagining Stuff is about this new thing that has definitely made me feel better everyday.

The third article is about a fascinating money manifesting technique I read in the book “Ask and it is given.” How to attract money talks about this peculiar way of writing out self made checks everyday and then spending them. I am trying it out these days, and you can click here and try it out too. 🙂

By the way, I recently conducted an interesting law of attraction experiment in which I tried to manifest 15 desires out of thin air using only the law of attraction. 

Once when I was feeling upset, I used a law of attraction technique called “Focal Wheel” and suddenly felt better! And this happened in 5 minutes! I’ve shared how it felt in How to feel Happy? – The Focal Wheel. 

What I can vouch for is that thinking about and trying out the “cosmic law of attraction” is fun. 🙂 Why not try out one of the techniques above?