Thought Stopping: How to Forget Someone or Something

What’s thought stopping all about?

Once I definitely wanted to forget a girl, but couldn’t. No matter what I did, I would somehow remember her and feel sad. I was working in a university lab those days. The lab chemicals reminded me of her. The elevator, the table, the door, everything. I was feeling terrible.

Stop Sign
It is possible to stop your thoughts.

Then suddenly, while I was whining away thinking – we had such a nice time at the beach…that’s gone now…I said to myself – STOP! Where did that thought come from? I realized just before thinking this I had thought – she had kissed my hand that day – just before that I had thought – She was wearing such attractive clothes that day …I suddenly stood up and tracked back my thoughts.

This is a rough drawing of what I found:

Thoughts go on and on
How one thought leads to another

Holy Christ! So all the thoughts started from looking at elevator lights?

That day whenever I remembered her, I started tracking my thoughts back and EVERY time they came from some thing as unobtrusive as a wall painting, a friend’s innocent “hi!” and the cars on the road!

I got interested and kept at the game for a whole day. Before the day was up – I had stopped thinking of her all the time and was suddenly enjoying my environment! I was soaking in everything around without one sad, “oh God” thought!

Thought Stopping: Catching the Pattern

 Do you want to forget someone? OR do you want to stop thinking about something. I really think, this can help.

The first thing however is to firmly decide that you want to stop thinking about someone or something.

If you think – “I don’t want to think about X” and also, but “I don’t want to forget X either “– well, how can you stop thinking ? Clearly ask yourself if you WANT to stop thinking about something. If yes, then let’s begin!

Throughout the day, catch yourself whenever you think of that someone or something, ask yourself – where did that thought come from? Track the thought back to its source. Was it the road, the sky, the notebook – what started the thought?

Once you know that, that’s it! Keep tracking back the thought. You needn’t do anything BUT track the thought back to it’s source when you remember what you want to forget.

Great gadzooks! You are free of the obsessive thought! Liberated. Come, let’s have a cup of coffee to celebrate!