Why Everything Is Perfect and Why You Should Smile

You must have heard some people, especially spiritual gurus say: everything is already perfect as it is.

And you might have thought: how on earth can everything be perfect RIGHT now? There are wars going on in some places in the world. There are crimes being committed. And leaving all that aside, there are so many unaddressed problems in your life too! You may be trying hard and not be getting what you want to get in your career. Or your relationship may be falling apart. Or you might be feeling that you are stuck living an unfulfilling life…

The world is perfect

The point is: of course everything is NOT perfect, isn’t it? Of course there’s a lot of mess in the world and in your life which must be accepted, isn’t it?

I thought this way too till some months ago.

Then slowly things started changing and I started realizing (at least for a few minutes a day) that everything IS perfect as it is. Just as it is.

Why Are You Here?

We generally take our presence on this earth for granted. We definitely avoid or don’t face the questions: why are we here? Who are we? What are we doing on the earth?

The answer to these questions can determine whether everything here is perfect or not.

If you think you are here on earth to be happy, then you will say – why is it a challenge to be happy? My boss does not contribute to my happiness. Or my spouse did this and that last week and that made me unhappy. Or you will say: life, the universe, God – is definitely not bent on making me happy, because I keep facing challenges in my life.

And so, from this perspective, the world is definitely NOT perfect. After all, tens of things occur everyday to make you wince and make you NOT feel happy.

If you think you are here to fulfill your desires, you’ll feel: but there are so many of my desires which are not being fulfilled even though I am trying! You might want a promotion or a relationship or you might want to achieve a certain level of monetary success. And you might say: WHY is everything NOT conducive to what I want? Why does God or whoever, just place challenges in my path and not give me what I want easily?

If you think this way, the world is again very imperfect. There are a lot of things in the world that are wrong…

I can go on and on. If you think you are here to correct the “evil” in the world, you may find that more and more of the evil just keeps coming up and you may be dissatisfied with the way things never ARE right.

The point is: at the core of whether the world is perfect or not is the answer to the question: why are you here?

You Are Here to Grow and Learn

Now, let us look at another interesting perspective on why you are here.
What if you were here on this earth to learn and evolve? What if “growing” as a human being was the purpose for which you were sent on this earth?

Growing or learning can mean: learning to LOVE more unconditionally, learning how to forgive, learning how to be assertive about your true desires, learning how to say no to what you truly don’t want, learning how to say yes to what you truly want, learning how to succeed, learning how to be more healthy, learning how to let go of a harmful relationship, learning that you are completely responsible for your life…

What if you were here to learn all these lessons and more? What if THAT is the reason you are here? To learn all there is to learn about the nature of existence?

Think for a moment, really think: what if you REALLY are here on this earth to learn a lot of lessons – what if that is the REASON you are here?

In that case, the world couldn’t be more perfect.

A career which is unfulfilling might be stirring you towards the lesson: find something that connects with you and be bold enough to take action.

An abusive relationship can be holding up a placard at you saying: you are responsible for your life, so take action.

A not-successful business or difficulty in making money might be teaching you: You are not catching the essence of making money correctly, try to really understand the nature of money.

A son who ‘troubles’ you and never listens to you might be screaming: You can love more unconditionally OR you can understand that every human being’s destiny is his own to choose.

People who are mean to you or a boss who sucks might be telling you: You control your life and you can change it by removing the person from your life OR People will be as they are, so accept them as they are.

In fact, if you are here to learn, then everything on this earth is happening PERFECTLY to make sure that you learn the best possible lessons you need to learn. It is as if the whole universe is conspiring to make sure that you grow in the way you most need to grow.

If you are a shy person, you may be forced to speak before an audience, or you may face situations where your shyness causes lots of problems for you (career, relationships etc). This may force you to ask yourself why you are so shy and that can help you grow.

If you are facing misfortune after misfortune in life and you think your “luck is bad”, then maybe you can ask yourself what this luck is trying to teach you. Is there a part of your life that you are denying? For example, a person who is not making enough money despite trying hard may actually be thinking deep down “money can only be made by cheating others” and he may be opposing this fact internally because he does not really want to cheat others. So he may be sabotaging his own efforts at making money. Maybe this person is not making money because he first has to learn the lesson that money might be made without cheating others and by helping others?

From this perspective, no matter who you are, and no matter what situations you have in your life, it’s all there to help you learn what you need to learn.

The World is Perfect

Yes. It is. If you think you are here to grow and learn. And if you see that every incident in your life, from an accident to an illness to a failure to success is trying to teach you something.

The next time there is a big problem in your life, ask yourself – what is this problem here to teach me?

Understand that everyone is your friend and ally. The universe, God, the world..anything you believe in – is trying to help you. The only catch is that the whole of existence is not trying to help you make things just the way you want them to be. The whole of existence is trying to help YOU in the BEST possible way, in the way that will teach you the most important things in the long run. And sometimes, that “help” may mean suffering simply to force you to learn certain lessons you may be resisting.

Whatever is happening is for your good. Every moment is helping you become a better person in some way. Even if you do not realize it.

You may still feel the urge to change the world. That’s absolutely great. But know, that the purpose of changing the world is not to convert the world from a “bad world” to a “good world”. It is to grow and learn the PERFECT lessons that YOU have to learn in the process.