Stress Relaxation Techniques: 2 Interesting Stress Relief Activities

Are you too stressed with deadlines, relationships where people keep demanding and this whole maddening world? 🙂

Is there a method for dealing with emotional stress that does not involve buying ‘n’ CDs and going into a hypnotic trance and then levitating above the ground?

Here go two incredibly simple AND even interesting stress relaxation techniques and stress relief activities that I discovered in the book – The Power of Now – and I was quite amazed when I put them through the real-life test!

Stress Relaxation Technique #1:
Observe the Inner Body

What the heck is the inner body?

It is completely being aware of the YOU beneath your entire body if that makes any sense.

Feeling the inner body

Stay with me for a minute. Here’s the procedure:

Close your eyes.

Now ever so easily bring your attention to your right leg. Feel the YOU in your right leg. If all parts of you were dead and you lived only through your right leg, how would your right leg feel? Feel the living being inside that leg. If you find it difficult to feel the YOU in your right leg, try to feel it in the right foot. Don’t imagine anything. Just feel, observe until you feel it. Pay attention. Now shift attention to the left foot. The left leg. The thighs. The stomach. Feel the being inside the stomach that is you. Is it your stomach? Can you feel the “you” in your stomach? Move up, feel your chest. Preserve it. Pay attention. Feel what makes the chest you. Don’t get tensed up. Relax. Take a deep breath. And keep moving up. Feel yourself in your neck, in your head, in your arms, in your shoulders, in your whole body. Can you feel the you underneath every inch you inhabit? Can you feel that you are the life inside your body and not the lifeless skin of your body?

I remember how I had once come home after a walk with my father and was resting on my bed when I had this urge to feel the inner body. I did all those things above and I felt a sense of IMMENSE peace descend on me…I felt rela….xxxed – without any crappy thoughts – without anxiety. Peace.

I have since lost touch with feeling the inner body, and these days I have to make a terrible effort to feel it – but that day’s experience tells me that if I really want to feel peaceful – putting in the effort to feel the inner body is worth it.

Stress Relaxation Technique #2:
Listen to Silence

 Eh? Did you hear that one right? How on earth?

My mom was talking to me one day. She was advising about this and that and all the things in the world and I just didn’t want to hear any of it. I was resisting and contradicting.

SUDDENLY I thought – let me just listen. Just listen. So I listened. Completely. With zero mental chatter. I listened to the tone of her voice. TO the pauses between the words as she spoke. To the stress she gave to the words. And to the meaning she wanted to convey.

After the conversation, I felt AWESOME! I mean, all I did was listen completely and wholly. And that made me feel so peaceful!

listening well is more than hearing
Listening means really, really listening without inner commentary.

Can you listen too? When someone is talking – everything – from the tone of his voice to the meaning of his words? Can you listen to the sound of the vehicles that move around you?

I want to try it with you too, because it has been a while since I listened. Come, lets feel peaceful and listen more today. I will try to do it too. 🙂

The more peaceful and happy we are – the less we get stressed by things around us.