Stress Reduction Techniques:
How to Deal With Stress and Dump it?

Are you under too much stress?

I haven’t really been panting and whining under stress ever, but whenever I have been a little stressed, the stress reduction techniques I’ve written below have helped me.

You must have heard it – “meditate to relive stress.” But really when have you meditated?

When was the last time you observed your breath?

In How to meditate for beginners , I’ve written about 2 interesting ways to meditate that had a very calming effect on me. I sometimes use them when I lose it completely. So well, you can try them too.

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Now is there something that you can do throughout your day that will reduce stress? I mean, even meditation is something you do once – you have to make special time for it. But how to relieve stress as you go through your day without allotting any special time? I read about 2 stress relaxation techniques in a book called the Power of Now that can be done anywhere! I’ve written about how I squeezed the juice out of these activities here in this stress management article . Go read! :)

One day I was very tensed up. Not stressed, but disoriented. I randomly thought of and did something that made me active, happy, and enthusiastic instantly! Maybe doing this thing could relieve stress for you too? I've written about this interesting Stress management activity here.

On yet another day when I was really feeling stressed out and muddled - I suddenly discovered another interesting technique to dissolve stress in minutes. I was so affected by that technique that I just had to write about it! Here's this second stress management activity.

So though I am not a "stress relief tips" expert and I myself get stressed at times, I think stress can be handled and life can be “Chill!”.

Let’s dump stress.

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