Stress Reduction Techniques That Can Help You Dump Stress

Are you under too much stress?

We all are, I guess, at some time or the other. Our brains are not really attuned to handling all that stress by themselves – we have to consciously handle the stress. If we leave it to our brains, we’ll be a little like this:

Frog under stress

How can you consciously manage your stress?

Here are some articles – all about ways in which I have managed my own stress.

1 Meditate to Manage Stress

You must have heard it – “meditate to relive stress.” But really when have you meditated?

When was the last time you observed your breath?

In this article on how to meditate for beginners , I’ve written about 2 interesting ways to meditate that had a very calming effect on me. I sometimes use them when I lose it completely. So well, you can try them too.

2 Use These Stress Relaxation Techniques From The Power of Now

Is there something that you can do throughout your day that will reduce stress? I mean, even meditation is something you do once – you have to make special time for it. But how to relieve stress as you go through your day without allotting any special time? I read about two stress relaxation techniques in a book called the Power of Now that can be done anywhere! I’ve written about my own experiences with these activities in this article.

3 Perform This One Simple Stress Management Activity

One day I was very tensed up. Not stressed, but disoriented. I randomly thought of and did something that made me active, happy, and enthusiastic instantly! Maybe doing this thing could relieve stress for you too?

4 Perform This Second Simple Stress Management Activity That Takes Minutes

On yet another day when I was really feeling stressed out and muddled – I suddenly discovered another interesting technique to dissolve stress in minutes. I was so affected by that technique that I just had to write about it! (Hint: it’s got to do with getting out of your mind for a few minutes.)

Well, so these are four things that worked for me. Try them out today. They might work for you too. Let’s dump stress.