An Interesting Stress Management Activity That You Can Use Today

There’s one ridiculously easy and interesting thing that has always made me cheerful and happy whenever I have felt stressed out and glum.

It is a strangely simple stress management activity – not an exercise, not a hypnosis CD and it has an almost 100% success rate.. Seriously.

The activity is: Expressing Unconditional Love.

Unconditional love can reduce stress

Whoa! What does that have to do with stress? I don’t know. But it’s helped.

Once I was feeling okayish and muddled. A mixture of sadness and overwhelm. I opened this greeting card site and sent a nice little greeting to a friend. Then I opened a site that sent virtual gifts – selected a one million dollar mock gift and sent it to another friend. I suddenly felt so happy! I mean, I don’t know how to explain it – but I DID feel happy!

 Just today, I was walking on the Mumbai Railway over-bridge feeling okayish and full of thoughts. I saw a woman in tattered clothes sitting on the side. I ignored her and started descending the stairs. Suddenly, I thought – why not buy her a samosa? So I went downstairs bought 2 samosas – one for her and one for me, went back upstairs and gave it to her. When I was descending the stairs again, I wasn’t feeling full of thoughts and muddled – I was feeling awesome – at least for a while. 🙂

Then, on another fine day not long ago, I has gone to the mall to eat. I was feeling a bit muddled and down. I suddenly had a brainwave. I went to a gift shop in the mall – got small, interesting gifts like notepads and scissors, and smiley balls packed for my friends, mom and dad and mailed the gifts to them with a letter! For NO reason! And in an instant I was feeling UP-UP!

Will this technique always work? Probably not if you’re terribly, really stressed out. though. But for most situations when we’re uselessly stressed, it will work.

What I can guarantee is this – as soon as you express unconditional love in ANY FORM – you will instantly feel AWESOME. No doubts. 🙂 And if you are feeling awesome, how can you be stressed?

You see, I think it is the state of mind you have that is making you stressful rather than the load of work you’re doing. So if you are feeling awesome, you can do a lot of work and feel rocking too!

Yes, I know this activity looks ridiculously easy, but do give it a try. Say, “I love you.” Or send a gift. Or give someone a hug. Or _____________, _______________, ___________ 🙂

Hope you’ll be stress free (for today at least!)