Steven Aitchison: Inspiring Words From a Personal Development Super-Blogger


Steven AitchisonHere are some of Steven’s achievements:

1)He is the UK’s #1 personal development blogger.

2)He is an early riser and wakes up from 4:30-5 AM everyday.

3)He’s written 4 books and 5 guides to help people improve the quality of their life.

4)He’s an expert at lucid dreaming – the art of becoming conscious within your dreams.

5)He’s truly happy with his life. (One can feel that when one reads his blog and this is also one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and interview him.)

So here’s my interview with Steven Aitchison!

Inspiring Words

Meghashyam(Me): Just like thousands of people, you too started a blog once. What do you think helped you succeed in terms of money and traffic?

Steven Aitchison (Steven):Thanks for asking me to do this interview.

The number one attribute that helped me succeed with the blog, and making money, is determination. There have been so many times throughout the 5 years of blogging that I felt like giving in, but I kept on going, knowing that my words would hit the spot with at least one person.

Me: What according to you, is the purpose of your existence? What do you think you are here on earth to do?

Steven Aitchison: I am here to be the best person I can be. When you become the best person you can be, you can then go on to help others raise their energy levels and start to become the best persons they can be. What better way to spend your life than to spend time developing yourself and then go on to help others develop themselves?

Me: During a normal day, most people try to think positive thoughts and maintain a happy frame of mind – but they eventually falter and experience a lot of negativity too. Only very few days are amazing and awesome. What do you do to keep your energy levels high throughout the day and keep feeling awesome?

Steven Aitchison: I wake up at 4.30 – 5 AM, every day (I have written more about this in my book How to Become an Advanced Early Riser). I start the day with a list of outcomes I want to achieve for that day. Starting with the most difficult, I get to work on the outcomes. I try and finish them as quickly as possible. Once they are completed it sets me up for the rest of the day, knowing I have achieved my outcomes.

There is no better way to achieving a positive frame of mind than knowing that you achieved what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the day.

Pretty soon positivity becomes a habit, just like negativity has become a habit for a lot of people.

Me: Please tell me how you spend an average day of your life. At what time do you get up? Then, what’s the first thing you do after waking up? How does it go until you go to bed.

Steven Aitchison: I started to answer that in the previous question 🙂

I get up at 4.30 – 5 AM and start with a list of outcomes I want to achieve, the first one being answering emails, and responding to social media.

I then do some work on my business and look at what I can do better to achieve my outcomes for my business, whether that be a piece of copywriting, an email to my list of 25,000 subscribers, emails to affiliates etc.

At 6.15 AM I take my dog out for a half hour walk.

When I get back from the walk I get my two sons and wife up, ready for school and work.

I myself leave for my work as an addiction worker at 7.45 AM.

At night I spend a few hours with my family before working at the computer for a few hours. Then, I spend time talking with my wife and get to bed at about 10pm. I sleep at around 11.30 PM.

Me: Many of us have some “loose ends” in our hearts. This means at some time or the other we have held on to grudges and hated some other people. Did you ever have any grudge against someone? If so, how did you overcome it and forgive that person?

Steven: When I was younger I held quite some grudges. However pretty soon you realise that holding a grudge expends more energy than not holding a grudge, a lot more energy in fact. When you can learn to let go, really let go, and concentrate on yourself and your family, then reasons to hold grudges never come your way.

We all spend too much energy wasting our thoughts on thinking about other people, and trying to outsmart and out-think them. We try to read their thoughts. The truth is, we can’t do it. Conserve your energy for those you love and yourself.

Me: So many people that I know want to be “awesome” and do “amazing” things. They want to travel or start their own business or make a difference in the lives of other people or do some other things that they think are amazing. However, in their daily life – they just seem to be stuck in a rut! They never seem to find the time or they feel their wife or parents will be really sad if they follow their heart or they think they don’t have enough money just yet.

How can an ordinary man or woman with extraordinary dreams go ahead when he sees so many roadblocks like these?

Steven: Everybody who is extraordinary started life as ordinary.

The difference between ordinariness and extraordinariness is effort and a belief in what they wanted to achieve.

Most of us don’t really have a clue what we want to do in life, and therin lies the problem. They know what they don’t want- “I don’t want to work here, I don’t want to have a boss, I don’t want to be single……” However, you have to get specific and write out exactly what you do want in life.

As for me, here’s what I want:

‘I want to be writing personal development books, and articles that will reach millions of readers throughout my life. I want to be earning $200,000 per year from my speaking and writing on personal development and go on to set up workshops throughout the country helping others develop themselves.’

If you have a dream, and you have a family, a job, bills to pay etc., start small. Small steps lead to giant leaps, but if you don’t take any steps at all you’ll never get to where you want to get to.

Me: If there was just one line you could say to help and inspire people the world over, what would you say?

Steven: Nobody is born amazing, you have to have amazing thoughts, which will lead to amazing action, which will then lead you to become amazing. Nobody becomes amazing watching TV. So get off your butt, make a plan and take at least one action every day to make your life amazing.