The Spiritual Law of Attraction: Day 6 of the $500 Manifestation Experiment

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

On day 6, Jason asked me to perform an exercise which REALLY changed a belief about money I had.

The whole thing startled me.

The Email

The email asked me to think of the times when someone offered me a gift, or money with a pure heart. And I refused it.

Why did I refuse a gift or money that was offered to me? The email asked me to go deep and probe into why I refused the gift.

And then it asked me to release that belief and let what the universe gifts me through different people in the world, come to me.

A Fascinating Day

Imagine you are at a restaurant and your colleague says, ‘Let me pay’. You say, ‘No let me pay’. And then you say – , “Please don’t pay..I am paying.”

Now according to this email, if I know that the other person is purely intending to pay for me, I shouldn’t refuse it. I could in fact say, “Thank you so much ..”

Apparently, such a refusal of another’s gifts is our resistance to accepting money. But: is it really resistance? Isn’t it honorable to refuse a gift?

To find out – I had to look at an instance in my life when I refused someone’s gift and probe into the beliefs which made me refuse it.

So I thought of 2 such incidents.

1) Just today, my boss at work offered to treat me to fruit juice. I felt awkward accepting the “juice treat” and almost said, “No, I’ll pay my share, it’s OK.”

Fruit juice
An offer for fruit juice revealed something

What was it that made me refuse the treat, at least in my mind ?

Probing deep down tells me this: “I knew that I could not give my boss what he wanted. I had told him that I would quit work on July 10. He wanted me to stay on till December at least. So, since I could not give him what he desired from me, I was refusing to accept anything from him. If I accepted the treat, I would feel obliged to give him what he wanted, that is, stay till December.”

So this was the thought stopping me from accepting his gift.

A voice inside me suddenly spoke:

I did not have to take in the anticipation of giving back.

If someone gave me something with a pure heart, I could accept that love with a pure heart. I too could give that person what I could give him, with a pure heart.

Taking – and thinking about giving back at the moment of taking would be fine for a business transaction. But when my boss was purely giving me a treat for the joy of it, without any expectation, why not accept that pure love? I too could give what I could purely from my heart. When I felt like it. As long as both of us were aware of everything and nothing was hidden, what was given purely could be accepted.


2) As I had written earlier here, my dad had offered to send me money. My first reaction was to refuse it – because I would not be doing what he wanted me to do in the near future. For example, he doesn’t approve of my girl friend. My fear was – ‘If I take money from him, would he not expect me to not interact with my girlfriend in return?’

But, that was not so. He knew about my girlfriend– and he knew that no matter what he offered, I would still be with her. Yet, out of pure love for me, he offered me money, so that I could compliment my job-income. And since nothing was hidden, I could accept what he offered with thanks, appreciating the love with which he gave it. I might not be able to meet his desires, but when I felt like giving him something with a pure heart, I would definitely do that.

Thinking about these 2 incidents, I released my belief about not taking if I could not give what the other person wanted. If it was a business transaction, of course, that would be a different thing. But otherwise, if something was given purely because of a feeling of love, I need not resist it. I could rather feel thankful for it…

Thank you universe…:)

And the Manifestations?

The ‘spiritual law of attraction’ manifestations are increasing by the day! Today, three amazing things happened.

I was taking a break from work with my colleague Arzan, and we were eating at a nearby snacks stall. After we had finished, Arzan paid for both of us and absolutely refused to let me pay! So much so, that he cast a threatening glance at me that said – “You dare not pay!”

I am thankful for his generosity.. What I ate cost about Rs 30. ( $0.7)

Then of course, out of the blue, my boss asked me if I would accompany him for a “Juice Treat”. I agreed and thanks to him, I had some delicious mango juice. It cost Rs 70 ($1.6)

Now that could have been all. But there was more to come!

In the evening, my girlfriend suggested that I ask my boss for a raise of Rs 5000. ‘You deserve it’, she said. I had never thought of asking for a raise at all. 🙂

But when she suggested it to me, I thought “Why not! Why not atleast ask? Yes, I was going to quit on July 10 and I had told my boss that. But still, why not stillask for a raise!“

And while I was thinking about asking for a raise, she suggested something even more interesting: I could create a fantastic “e-book” that would help anyone who took my place at work after I left. The e-book would be written in such simple language, that anyone who knew English could replace me perfectly. That way the company would not suffer after I left! And for writing that e-book I could ask for Rs 5000 more a month more for the next three months. Why not!

And I didn’t get this idea ever before my girlfriend suggested it to me today and made it seem possible.

Wow. Thank you ‘spiritual law of attraction’. I am attracting things… What will it be tomorrow?

By the way – I calculated what I have manifested till now. It’s this: $17.61. There is hope. A lot of it. 🙂