Short Funny Poems And Silly Poems That Made Me Laugh!

I’ve always loved short funny poems!

One of my all time favorites is “On Television” by Roald Dahl.

It's not that short but I find it to be so funny that I never fail to laugh or smile every single time I read it!

short funny poems tv

Here’s how this star amongst humorous poems starts:


The most important thing we've learned

So far as children are concerned,

Is never, NEVER, NEVER let

Them near your television set -

Or better still, just don't install

The idiotic thing at all.


Now doesn’t reading that paragraph tell you that something interesting is about to come? :)

Recently, I decided to try my own hand at funny writing. After many days of being muddled, I finally wrote down 10 short silly poems of 5 lines, called ‘limerick poems’. I enjoyed writing them immensely. Why don’t you read them right away and laugh out loud? :D

After writing those 10 “limericks”, I decided to delve deeper into the world of funny poems and wrote down 10 more hilarious poems! Here are the next 10 funny rhyming poems…

Now though, these are all the humorous poems I have written till now, my thirst to write funny stuff isn’t over yet. In fact writing all these poems actually increased the thirst! So when the funny guy inside me knocks again, I’ll post more poems in this space. :)


Now you have to admit it mate!

That no matter what your mental state,

A poem that’s funny to hear,

Will definitely make you cheer -

And jump up and celebrate!


Have a funny day. :)

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