Public Speaking Tips: Rock this Presentation or Speech

On this page, I’ve linked to many articles I’ve written on various aspects of public speaking.

How you think you sound on stage
This is NOT how you actually look on stage. You just think you do.

Let’s start off with…

1 The Basic Elements of Public Speaking

What is the essence of awesome public speaking? If you took out all the fluff – what is public speaking about?

In this article on the elements of public speaking, I’ve written about three things that I think are terribly important to serve the simple purpose of public speaking – communicating with the audience.

2 Overcoming Stage Fright

If you are a human being – I’d say you’ve felt afraid on stage some time or the other. Oh I’ve had people glaring at me with that one thought repeating – “What will all of them think of me?”. But once, when I anchored at my nephew’s birthday party, everything changed for me. I suddenly felt fearless and spoke with ease! I’ve written about how that happened in this article.

3 Are There Any Benefits of Public Speaking?

Does speaking in public change you in any way? After all, you speak to SOOO many people at once! I’ve written about 3 ways in which I benefited after I started speaking comfortably on stage.

4 Two Interesting Public Speaking Activities

The 4th public speaking article is not about how to speak to audiences. It’s about two interesting activities you can use to IMPROVE your public speaking skills! They take up a few minutes at a time, but can really get you out of your comfort zone.

Public speaking can be fun. 🙂