2 Innovative Public Speaking Activities

Maybe you want to organize an event with some interesting public speaking activities.

Or maybe you want to teach school children how to speak boldly before an audience.

Whatever it is, there are these two terribly interesting activities, that I adore.

Public speaking girl with timer

Public Speaking Activity 1
Volte Face

In Volte Face, you’re given a topic first. You DON’T get any time to think about it at all! You have to speak FOR the topic for 30 seconds. AGAINST the topic for 30 seconds. Then FOR the topic for 30 more seconds. And then AGAINST the topic for the next 30 seconds! A beep or buzzer-sound tells you your 30 seconds are up!

Apart from giving public speaking practice (because everything has to be so freaking spontaneous!), this will really fill any place with laughter because the guy who speaks keeps contradicting himself again and again!

Like, say my topic is “I really hate my end term examinations.”.

Then I’ll start off spontaneously (as if I were actually speaking on stage 🙂 ) with:

End term examinations are the worst thing ever invented. Suddenly you have to mug up so much of syllabus and vomit it out. Unit tests are much better. We don’t even get enough sleep in our end term examinations: if end term examinations were a mosquito, I would kill it immediately by slapping my hands on it. To hell with end term examinations…


End term examinations give us HEAVENLY moments during college life. Oh the joy of mugging up so many chapters at once! If it weren’t for end term examinations, would any student really study or take in knowledge? I still remember the wondrous nights before my electronics exam when I traversed the magestic lands of transistors and diodes. And are they not so better than those boring classes? I mean all semester the professors talk, thank God, we get a chance to talk and express ourselves while the professors inspect and look mutely. That is very satisfying for me.


But end term examinations suck because…

Lol. Ain’t Volte Face funny? Try it out!

Here are some other interesting volte face topics;

The joy of reading newspapers in toilets

Monday morning sucks.

I love mosquitoes.


What does Volte Face require?

A mike, and a guy timing and sounding a buzzer every 30 seconds. But then if you can’t find a buzzer, the guy can clap too. 🙂

Public Speaking Activity 2
Extempore Speech

You must have already heard of it. You speak for 2 minutes IMPROMPTU on any topic you’re told a minute before you start speaking. So basically the guy who speaks get 1 minute to think about a topic and then he’s to speak on it for 2 minutes. I think it’s a terrific way to lose public speaking fear and speak naturally and spontaneously with an audience.
Here are some tummy-poking extempore topics. 😉

Einstein did not know what he was talking about

Best man at my girlfriend’s wedding

Drinking coffee is not my cup of tea

I am OK and that’s a highly contested opinion

..And then the apple fell.

The earth is flat

I was so dumb, I did not start talking till I was 2 years old


What does an extempore session require?

The same things as Volte Face. The timing-guy sounds the buzzer after 1 minute (to tell the speaker that he should not stop thinking about the topic and start speaking), and then after 2 minutes (to tell the speaker it’s time to wind up).

Why not try both Volte Face and Extempore right away? It’s only 2 minutes!