Some Intriguing Presentation Ideas And Cool Tips on Public Speaking

Basically, how could you spice up your presentation? How could you make your upcoming one “great”?

I have anchored events and delivered presentations.

I tried out small-small innovations which worked for me and made my presentations better.

1 Four Ways to Make Your Presentation Unique

In this article, I’ve talked about 4 specific ways to make your presentation different.  These are basically techniques to make sure your presentation is not just “that boring presentation we attended”, but something truly stimulating and powerful.

2 Presentation Tips Specifically For PowerPoint

If you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint, then the tips in this article are for you. But instead of a series of slide-point, slide-point, slide-point droning, how can you use PowerPoint to make your presentation interesting and something the audience enjoys? That’s what this post talks about.

3 Links to Four More Action-oriented Public Speaking Articles

While all of these four articles are not about ‘presentations’ as such – they do deal with the core of a good presentation: feeling at ease before a large audience. Worth a read.

All the very best for your next presentation. 🙂