Some Intriguing Presentation Ideas
And Cool Tips on Public Speaking

Basically, how could you spice up your presentation? How could you make your upcoming one “great”?

When in college I anchored events and gave presentations.

I tried out small-small innovations which worked for me and made my presentations better.

presentation ideas

I’ve written 4 such simple things you can use in your presentations in Presentation Tips. These are basically techniques to make sure your presentation is not just "that boring presentation we attended", but something truly stimulating and powerful.

Most of the time, when we’re presenting, we use M S Powerpoint. But instead of a series of slide-point, slide-point, slide-point droning, how can you use Powerpoint to make your presentation interesting and something the audience enjoys? I’ve written whatever I’ve ever learnt about nice Powerpoint presentation tips here.

Can public speaking not be scary and even be enjoyable? I’ve written more about what I think is the essence of public speaking, how public speaking changed my life and more side-kick things here.

All the very best for your presentation. :)

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