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SO you have a presentation coming up. Now, let’s see how this presentation can be the best you’ve ever given by looking at some Powerpoint Presentation Tips! ;)

Basically, I tried out three changes in my presentations in college, and I saw that the audience understood better, was more interested and the whole presentation thing got exciting when I did those three things.

Here they are:

1 Use Large Fonts and More Slides,

not small fonts and less slides

Here, look at this slide:

slide depicting small fonts

When the guy presenting shows this – what do you want to do? Do you want to get out of the room?

Now look at this:

Slide having large fonts

There’s a chance you want to stay in the room when this is being presented.

I mean, simply put – if you are in the audience, you can clearly read what’s written. And understand better with big fonts.

So, use big fonts. :)

2 Use Pictures and Animations

You’re in the audience, and the guy presenting is showing slide after slide of bullet points.

Again he's telling you about the Czech republic. Here's what he tells you about a cruise called the Vltava Cruise.:

no pictures slide

Now another guy shows this:

slide with pics

He does not show you the bullet points but instead shows you the picture and TELLS you about the cruise with ZERO bullet points. Won't you love looking at the picture while he actually TELLS you what there is to do in the Vltava cruise in a friendly way?

Of course you would be interested in the second presentation. So why not do just that! Use as many pictures as possible. The audience loves it.

3 Don't Read Out Points Aloud, Use Them as Indicators and Explain Spontaneously

I was attending a PhD dissertation once. The guy presenting was looking at the slide and reading out point after point. I really felt like yawning. It was not interesting.

I also remember a lecture at IIT Roorkee, on GRE by a college alumunus. He looked at each point – and then looked at us – the audience and explained it in his own words as if we were his friends. When he’d finished discussing the first point with us, he looked at the slide as if to remind himself what the second point was. And then he explained the 2nd point to us and discussed it with us. We liked it.

I think when you just read out the points you’ve written it seems artificial – it seems like a boring lecture is going on. When however, you just look at the points to remind yourself of the topic and then animatedly share what you know with the audience explaining the point as if you were talking to a friend, the audience gets what you are saying!!

Imagine, if you were to explain the topic you’re presenting on to a good friend – would you read out points to him? Or would you explain each point as if you wanted make him understand the subject?

Now lets combine everything. Say you're presenting on the places to visit in Prague, Czech Republic. You could display this slide:

Prague Castle Slide

And explain to them all you know about the Prague castle. Then you could display this:

charles bridge slide

And tell them all you know about Charles Bridge. You've used more pictures, big fonts, and a minimum of text on screen. And you've NOT READ anything from the screen - you've picked up a small point and then faced the audience and explained it to them.

Of course - you may say - "But I don't make country presentations. I make data oriented ones...". But you see, no matter what you present on - you can ALWAYS have SOME pictures.

The essence - the core of all this is - IMAGINE - how would you just LOVE to be presented to? If you were in the audience what would you just ADORE?

Do that! :) Please do tell me what you think about presentations here. Powerpoint rocks. :)

What do you think about public speaking and powerpoint and powerpoint presentation skills? Comment here...

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