The Power of Presence And Some Weird Tips For Reducing Stress!

I first discovered this term “power of presence” when I read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

It basically means being in the moment now and not thinking too much about the past and the future.

Here are some links to articles that describe my experiments while trying to be more ‘present’ rather than ‘absent’ in my life,

Keep calm and meditate - child meditating

1 How to Meditate – Two Interesting Ways

I tried to meditate by focusing on my breath. But it didn’t work out for me. I would always stumble and get distracted. This article lists two not-boring, interesting ways to meditate that finally tamed me and stilled my mind for at least some time.

2 Two More Ways to Feel Calmer and At Peace

I’ve written more about my efforts at being present in this article. If you are stressed in any way or feel tensed most of the time, I’d say read it.

3 A Clear, Actionable Example of How to Communicate in Relationships

Nowhere does our lack of presence and calmness show more than in our relationships. I once had a wonderful conversation with my parents because I was relatively calm and present.  I’ve written about this conversation in this article.

So relllaaax..and click on one of those links above. 🙂