What Is Positive Thinking And Why Should You Think Positively?

What are positive thoughts? Are they some complex-unreachable kind of thoughts?

Not really.

Any thoughts that make you feel good are positive thoughts. When you laugh, you are thinking positively.

Smiley that's thinking positively

When you feel your hair looks great, you are thinking positive. When you think the world is an awesome place – you are bang on target – you’re positive! Get the idea?

Why Should You Think Positively at All?

Long ago I was pretty sad all the time. I used stay in my room and not feel like doing anything. On top of that I was afraid of everyone. I was uncomfortable even when I went to shop: what will others think of me? And when I was introduced to strangers, I would become so artificial and not know what to say…I would avoid anything and everything and wanted to stay cramped – alone and depressed – for no reason. I was like the most afraid and introverted boy you could know.

One fine morning, I got up early and thought – let me go for a jog. However, I was scared of what other people would think of me if they saw me jogging. Then I SUDDENLY said, “Let them think what they will!” And I hummed the phrase positive thought and action to the tune of my favorite song and stepped out to jog nevertheless. The jog felt awesome! Immediately after the jog, I continued humming the phrase – “positive thought and action!” – in tune with my favorite song ALL day. I just kept doing it.

My mom, dad and I were flying off for a holiday to Bangalore (India) that day. I just kept repeating the phrase “positive thought and action” throughout the trip! And it worked magic.

The shy, introverted boy, suddenly started coordinating everything, arranging for transport to the airport, talking to the porters, everything! Suddenly, I was enjoying my presence between so many strangers at the airport! I even quizzed the airport employees no end about the airport and to my surprise they answered joyously! I felt exhilarated for no reason!

I kept repeating my magic phrase throughout the trip! I called the air-hostess over and told her how awesome the food was! In Bangalore, I couldn’t believe myself talking so confidently with dad’s friend! How could that be me? I suddenly felt so, so good. And all I did was sing my special phrase again and again in tune with my favorite song hundreds of times a day. Whenever I felt the previous negative patterns and fears swooping – all I said was – positive thought and action – and they vanished into thin air!

When I went back to college after the trip – I wanted to talk to everyone! People whom I had never spoken to – suddenly seemed so intimate! Before I knew it, I’d volunteered to anchor a quiz and a debate and a singing completion. I did it, and became the cultural secretary of my campus! I suddenly started loving public speaking. My contribution in class improved tremendously as I was now always bubbling with questions. I had so many wonderful, new and supportive friends all of a sudden. And I continued to recite my magic words…

Even today, sometimes, when I want to add some more spark to my life, I hum “positive thought and action!” And for some time, I become euphoric and come out of my comfort zone and do little things like asking the guy serving me in a restaurant his name, or telling a girl she looks beautiful…

When I see that my life had changed so much simply by the inclusion of MORE positive thinking, I am SURE that if you get more positive thoughts in your life, your life will somehow get better too. Clearly, whatever thoughts we think DO INDEED shape our circumstances and if life is crappy right now we MUST be thinking crappy thoughts. Also, we can think AWESOME thoughts right now and life will be AWESOME.

How to Think Positively then?

So, how can you think positively? Just humming positive thought and action worked for me but there are some other nice ways too to include positive thinking in your daily routine! Read this article  for some more simple things you can do daily that can help you think positive more.