Picture Quotes and Inspirational Pictures: September

Take a peek at the picture quotes that subscribers received in September 2012. Be inspired! I LOVED them all. :)

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September 28

How to Stop Worrying About To-Do Lists

Feel better by checking things off your to-do-list

September 26

The Conflict Between Happiness and Money

Happiness is greater than money

September 25

Why Do We Procrastinate? Is It Because We Don't Have Time?

We procrastinate because we are scared

September 23

Taking Responsibility For Your Life Is Important

You are responsible

September 21

Self Discipline is Extremely Important

Self discipline is very important

September 19

To Earn More Money, Improve Your Courage and Self Discipline

More money requires more courage and self discipline

September 17

Only Right Now Exists

Only right now exists

September 14

Action Is More Important Than Ideas

What we do is more important than what we idly contemplate about

September 12

Come Back to the Present Moment

Come back to the present moment

September 10

Magical Things Will Happen If You Keep Going

Do not give up. Keep going.

September 8

Just Breathe Right Here and Now

Take a deep breath. It helps.

September 6

The Power of Never Giving Up and Persisting

Perseverance cannot be neglected!

September 4

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make the Most of It!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

September 2

You Are Amazing and Awesome Just As You Are

You are awesome. Period.

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