A Personal Mission Statement to Help You Live True to Your Beliefs

I recently wrote down my ‘personal mission statement’. Some people would call it a ‘beliefs statement’. I read the phrase ‘personal manifesto’ being used for the same thing on a certain blog and loved it.

A personal mission statement or personal manifesto is basically a statement of your core, deepest beliefs in one place.

It is a collection of those beliefs that are EXTREMELY important to you – that give meaning to your life. The advantage of writing what you truly believe in one place is quite simple: you can look at those beliefs every day, get inspired and actually LIVE those beliefs.

Your Deepest Beliefs Vs Reality

Many times, we deeply believe in something but when the time for action in real life comes, we end up doing something we DON’T believe in!

For example, one of my core beliefs is to face a situation courageously when I am afraid and NOT succumb to fear. Yet, there have been times when I have closed an open window on my computer when my boss came up behind me. (yes 🙁 )

Another of my core beliefs is to do what my heart truly desires and to be genuine no matter what. Yet, there have been times when I have done things “out of obligation” without wanting to do them at all.

You may be tempted to lie at office and get rewards for it. Will you lie? Or you may see an injured man on the road. What will you do?

Our core beliefs reflect what we truly believe in, but I think they MUST be reinforced and emphasized in our minds again and again to get converted to actions. Otherwise, we may actually end up having no beliefs at all – we will just get swayed by momentary circumstances and do something we DON’T want to do in that moment. Of course, that’ll make us regret later.

A personal manifesto or a beliefs statement therefore, is a great way to reinforce your deepest beliefs and make sure you LIVE them. If you write down what you truly believe in and read what you’ve written everyday, obviously, those deep beliefs will go even deeper inside you. Also, you will feel more powerful and meaningful.

My Personal Mission Statement or Manifesto

I wrote down my “personal manifesto” or personal mission statement last week. It is a rough draft for now. In the next few months, I will keep improving it. However, it does indeed reflect my core beliefs.

Here it is.

I am amazing. I rock. I am superb, and capable of doing absolutely anything on this earth.I am honest with myself. This means that I don’t DENY some information about myself to myself. If I suck at something I honestly admit that to myself. If an area of life is not working I admit that to myself. No matter what I am honest with myself. I may not be courageous enough to make changes yet, but I am still honest with myself about my situation always.

I make conscious choices in my life no matter what. I choose each and every part of my life. I understand that I am responsible for outcomes whether I take conscious control of them or not. Therefore, I try my best to choose every part of my life consciously. I am therefore, extremely powerful.

I respect other people because I know that every person has the potential to be amazing and awesome in his own way. Others may have chosen beliefs that may be disempowering or beliefs that are conditioned, but still they are beautiful in essence and have the innate capacity to choose power, love, honesty, happiness and peace. They have just the same power of choice that I have and therefore they all have immense potential.

There is something to learn from every person because every person has made a choice which he has made better than I have and it is humbling to gain that awareness from him or her.

I choose to be associated more with some people, less with other people and not at all with still others – but I do know that deep down all of us have the same capacities and potentials and beauty.

When someone does something better than me, I choose to learn from the person rather than succumb to jealousy.

Career for me is a happy way to help people and earn money as I do what I love. It is very important for me that I do what I love in my career – I choose my career to be such.

I believe that reality is subjective and everyday I create more and more of it using my thoughts and beliefs consciously.

I believe that whatever happens, happens in this very moment. Therefore, I try to keep my attention on the present moment and enjoy its beauty. Only right now exists.

I keep growing, expanding my thoughts, taking in more powerful beliefs, and live truer to my essence everyday. Everyday, in many ways, I just keep getting better and better. 🙂

I plan to read the statement everyday. I think reading this statement will inspire me to live up to my own standards. I think it’ll help me slowly become the person I want to be more, and more.

You may have noticed that I have written my beliefs in the present tense. I have used sentences like “I am honest…” instead of saying “I will be honest”. The truth is that I am yet to become the most honest person I can be. There is a huge scope for improvement. However, this personal manifesto is to inspire myself. And I find writing in the present tense more inspirational. I find “I am honest” to be more inspirational than “I will be honest”. I am honest convinces me that I already am an honest person right now – that there is no distant future in which I will be honest – I can start RIGHT NOW.

Your Personal Mission Statement – Your Dose of Daily Inspirational Thoughts

What do you believe in? If someone were to ask you – ‘what are your deepest beliefs?’, what would you say? What are the principles and values based on which you want to live your life? Who are you? What are the unique thoughts that give you meaning in life?

All of us already have some values by which we live our life. The advantage of writing them down in one place and reading them is – that they get so reinforced – that we naturally act out of those values rather then forgetting them when a real life situation arises. Slowly, the values that we consider important become so much a part of our life that we START becoming just the person we want to be!

Why don’t you try writing a personal mission statement or manifesto today? I really enjoyed writing mine and I am sure you’ll love writing yours too.

All the best!