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How to Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone and Find Greater Happiness

Complacency and focussing too much on security will leave you nowhere. True joy lies outside your comfort zone

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‎Playing Victim

I loved this quote by Robin Sharma...

Have a wonderful day!

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Self Esteem...

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I first read this quote on Steve's website and ever since, it's stood out to me as an amazing quote. Your whole life changes, when you change the way you look at yourself...

Have a wonderful day!

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2 Peaceful Minutes

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I have been practising this activity recently, and I always feel surprised by the change I feel in myself after just 2 minutes of stillness.

Here's some more related stuff, by the way.

How to meditate for beginners.

My meditation experiment in 2011

A simple stress management activity.

Have a great day!

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Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a splendid day!

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Stop Comparing

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a happy day!

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Can't Fail!

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

This is a fantastic quote by Steve Pavlina and yes, I definitely believe it to be true. The challenge however is keeping the quote in mind when life actually gives real setbacks!

Have a great day.

PS: Here's a post which talks about happiness and treating life as a learning experience.

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Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a great day!

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Consistent Action

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

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Feelings and Goals

Have a great day!

PS: By the way, here's a wonderful audio about keeping your goals in front of you from Steve Pavlina Audios. is an insightful site launched by my friend Azmat and you can listen to more goals related to audios here.

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Lots of Effort

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

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Understand First

Here's the essence of some of Stephen Covey's most beautiful quotes:

Click here if you can't read the picture quote.

You can look at more of Stephen Covey's quotes here.

Have a great day!

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Time Passes Anyway

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

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Journaling Away...

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

If I had to talk about one single habit that has radically transformed my life, I would talk about journaling.

The simple act of asking myself questions using a Word document or introspecting through writing has helped me gain tremendous clarity about what I want and where I want to go.

It is easy to set goals. It is easy to think about what you want in the next year. But, all that get's forgotten in our daily bustle. If you want to lose weight, what is the probability that you will focus on your goal every single day? Journaling helps you do just that.

Journaling helps you notice, "Yes, this went wrong today. Yes, this went very well today. Yes, I am heading towards this destination. No, I need to change course."

Without a daily tracking system it is easy to spend years doing many things and not knowing where you're going.

Take a peek at this post for more on journaling and how it has helped me.

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Standing Still

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

One complaint many people give you when you ask them, "are you pursuing your dreams?" is - "we don't have the time." And that is true. Who has the time?

And yet - the catch is - that you don't need time. Not much. It does not matter if you put in just 2 hours of work on a certain project in a week. That is still 104 hours in a year.

You could write a book in 104 hours. Yo could learn how to play a musical instrument. You could do a lot of things.

The point is - any progress is great. Standing still isn't. So, find little time and take baby steps. But take them.

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Action Matters

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Sometimes, we don't feel motivated about our day. That's pretty common. I mean, I feel that as well.

Earlier, I used to try to solve the situation. I tried to do something that would make me feel motivated. For instance - I asked myself - maybe I could change the work I was doing to make it more interesting?

That may or may not always help though. If you are doing something you think you enjoy, then go ahead and just take action. Stop analyzing. Stop thinking. Just act. Many times, when I just act despite feeling demotivated, I sense motivation coming in.

Within half an hour, I start enjoying my work!

I am not saying this is always true. Sometimes, you may need to change your work as well. But not always. Taking action changes your state of mind radically at times.

Here's a post I wrote some months ago about the importance of self-discipline and taking action even when you do what you love.

Have a great day!

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What Others Think

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I used to think that I was immune to what others thought about me. Really, that's what I thought some years ago.

I was wrong.

After all, when someone gets angry at me, I become angry too - atleast for an instant. When someone praises me, I blush - atleast for an instant. We all do that. We are all influenced by what others think of us.

The key to an amazing life, a life you'd be proud of, an impactful life is - to make sure you care MORE about what you truly believe in THAN what others think of you.

You can blush when others appreciate you AND still make sure you do what you truly believe in - without letting the appreciation influence your core decisions.

I believe living life this way creates greater happiness.

Have a great day!

PS: A post on how doing what I truly believed in made me happier:

How to Be Happier

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One Change

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

To be honest, I hardly ever believed in this statement. In fact - I would always question the need to exercise by saying - "Of course it can't impact how you feel!"

Things changed, once I started exercising. I started by walking for just 20 minutes a day. I increased that to 30 minutes, then 40 minutes, then 50 minutes - and now I take a 60 minute walk everyday. I know that is not a LOT of exercise and it is pretty mild but it is astonishing to note how even this much exercise has changed my life.

I automatically feel more positive, more compassionate, and more forgiving - definitely more than I did earlier. I do not get irritated as easily - and I do not get stressed out as easily. This is not to say that only exercising has completely changed my life - but - it has made a difference.

Want to know more about how exercise can help you feel better? Spark by John J. Ratey is an interesting book I am reading, that I'd love to suggest. It's got a bit of technical language, but it is quite exhaustive.

Have a ....fresh.... day!

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No Stopping You...

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a great day!

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Love What You Do

This is a beautiful quote by Leo Babauta.

Have a joyful day.

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Being Happy!

As I've mentioned earlier, I've recently started English grammar and vocabulary classes in New Delhi.

As I got more and more involved in this business, I realized that I was spending too much time thinking about "what might go wrong", "what will happen if this happens"...all those future based thoughts, basically.

Interestingly, just a few days ago, I had thought I wasn't working hard enough - that I was spending too much time chilling out, that I was NOT giving my business my all, that I needed to pull up my socks.

I guess it happens to many of us - sometimes we get obsessed with the future. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in today's joys and forget what gives our lives meaning.

The lesson I'm learning is that a balance between these two urges leads to more happiness. Having the long term vision but also enjoying the surprises of today...that's nice. That is where joy lies.

Today was one such day for me today. So I'm happy right now. ;-)

Have a splendid day!

PS: More happiness resources...

100 Incredible Happiness Hacks

How to feel happy consistently

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The Urge

Have a great day!

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You Are Responsible

Have a day in which you feel amazing about yourself.

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Giving Your All

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Here's what I was thinking today.

We all want it easy. The guy who starts a business wants his business to succeed easily. The person who can't seem to get his finances on track wants to earn money easily.

Did you ever hear of a man or woman saying - I want things to be more difficult? ;-)

The truth however is that circumstances become easy only when you become ready to give something your all. When you put your ALL in your business, or relationship, or health or anything else - that's when that area of your life becomes easy. If you hold back, take it easy, and do nothing - you will always find success getting more and more difficult.

What's the key takeaway here? Give it your all. Whatever dream you have, whatever goal you've set your mind to, give it your all. You will have to face your fears. You will have to triple your self-discipline. Whatever you do, don't hold back. That's when it will start getting easy.

Have a splendid day!

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The Laziness Cure

Have an action packed, happy day!

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Being Grateful

Here is a simple way in which gratitude can help you, if you are feeling sad right now.

Here's an audio about the same thing, if you prefer listening to reading.

Have a beautiful day. :-)

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Success and Two Things

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a day at the end of which you feel amazingly satisfied.

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Action is a Must

Have a day full of inspired action!

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Respect Your Time

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I've recently been learning this lesson quite intensly.

For instance, I recently started feeling drained most of the time. I would end my day, but the feeling of having "something more that needs to be done" would stay with me.

Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling that your day just keeps going on and on - and that you never truly feel free?

Well, I had that feeling a few days ago. That's when I stood up and took stock of where my time was going. After some painful introspection, I realized that I was actually spending around 5 hours of my day on "unplanned breaks that involved visiting humour websites and devouring infographics". Imagine - 5 hours of killing time doing something I didn't even enjoy much!

I took action, and made it a point to take only planned breaks during the day. That drastically improved my productivity and my happiness.

My point is - how much time in the day do you spend on doing things you neither enjoy nor hate - just to kill time? How many hours of TV do you watch? How many hours of web surfing do you partake of just because you are bored?

You can enjoy your day more. You can rock your day, in fact. Remove those "killing time" hours. Flood your day with things that are truly important to you. Start by taking stock of exactly how many "I am bored" hours your day has. Can you reduce them by atleast 30 minutes?

Here are three articles that might help.

How to improve efficiency and productivity
How to be productive and happy
How to do uninteresting work that you don't feel like doing

Have a day in which you spend many, many hours doing what is most important to you. Bye!

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Achieving Tough Goals

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

There have been many goals I've worked on in the past (and there are many such goals even now) - which I've found to be very difficult to achieve. I am sure it happens to you too.

For instance, there was a time when I found earning a significant amount of money to be very tough. There was a time when I found "doing what I loved" during the day to be very tough.

There was a time when I found finding time for myself very tough. There was also the time when I found having happy relationships to be very tough.

I am still not perfect at all these things - BUT - I have found something interesting. All of these goals became easier when I stopped resisting the fact that I needed to change as a person.

It is very easy to say, "the goal is tough." It is very difficult to accept that it is you who are resisting becoming a different person - the person who is a good fit for the goal.

I had to become a person with much greater self discipline and courage - to achieve my goals easily. You may have to become calmer and more peaceful internally before you can get that promotion. Or maybe you need to quit your news addiction or become more patient before you start having a better relationship.

The truth is - there is no way out. To achieve anything significant, you do need to change. You do need to become greater and better than you are. And the sooner you stop resisting change, the easier achieving any goal becomes.

Have a stunning day. :-)


Help sustain Personal Development Is Fun

View a list of my top 100 favorite books

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Stop Resisting

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I recently thought about what it is that stops us from being happy - wonderfully happy - every second of the day. I mean, is there no way to be blissfully happy every moment?

Here's what came out of these thoughts: An article about how to be happy everyday - every moment. I know that's a big claim, but I do believe it can help you.

Take a peek, and have a very happy day!

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Be Grateful Today

If there is one lesson that I am learning in full earnest these days, it is this. Everyday, I observe that the more grateful I am for things that I have in my life already, the more at peace I feel.

Here are some gratitude related resources that you may find useful:

A short audio about gratitude.

How to feel good instantly using gratitude.

Well, I'll also take this opportunity to tell you that I am genuinely grateful that you have subscribed to Personal Development Is Fun. Thank you. :-)

One quick announcement before I part for the day: The Personal Development Is Fun podcast will now NOT be updated weekly. I have been a bit lax with the podcast recently - and today, after a lot of introspection I decided to stop recording a new podcast episode every week. I've experimented with podcasting for quite some time now - but I have realized NOW - that it is not exciting me deeply any more.

I am currently working on two other ventures - and an offline venture called Grammar Gang (along with my wife Krupa). These other ventures are also taking more of my time than before, leaving less time for the podcast.

I might still record a podcast episode every month or so - but it won't be a weekly podcast now. Thank you for listening to me all these days.

Well, have an excellent day. Bye!

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Quick Fixes

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a splendid day!

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I WILL Be Happy

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

For a long time in the past (especially the past two-three years), I used to think: I cannot give myself permission to be happy until I achieve X,Y, or Z goal. This lead to me becoming desperate to achieve that goal - and it made me extremely unhappy in the present moment.

I think many of us refuse to be happy right now - and there is no reason why we should do that. Any goal that we achieve can make us happier. It can increase our joy. But why surrended ALL our happiness to it? Why not be happy - right now - just as things are?

For some reason, the happier we are, the easier it becomes to achieve a goal. We feel more energetic, and more excited- rather than desperate.

If you are desperately pursuing a goal, do note that you can give yourself permission to be happy today. Let the goal double your happiness but don't expect the goal to create it for you - that never happens.

Have a happy day. :-)

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All About Habits

Have a superb day!

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BIG Goals and Change

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Recently, I've been learning just the lesson this quote talks about.

My wife and I have been working on starting Grammar and Vocabulary classes for children. Initially, we did not have any kids enrolled with us despite quite some efforts we put in.

After some efforts, I realized that I had to go out there, create a proper marketing plan and implement it. I decided to meet people on the streets, people near schools, people in gardens - and talk to them about our classes.

This idea was crazy - and I was scared to implement it. Also, it would involve a lot of effort - after all - meeting hundreds of people face to face would take a lot of effort.

Around 10-12 days after the day we made the plan, we are starting off with the classes tomorrow. We have enough students enrolled and things are going great.

However, just as the quote says - I've realized how much I've had to change as a person in the process. I have had moments when I've felt scared before talking to tens of strangers about the classes - especially people who weren't interested and rejected what I told them. I've felt incredibly lazy as I've tried to wake up at 6 AM (I used to wake up at 10 AM).

Achieving the goal required me to become a person with a lot more self-discipline and courage. It was difficult, but now I realize that I had to change as a person - to achieve my goal.

I believe - that all big goals stretch you. They make you into someone greater than you. While giving your all counts, being open to this change is important too.

Have a superb day!

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Laziness and Fear

Click here if you can't view the picture quote.

Krupa and I are starting Grammar and Vocabulary classes for children in New Delhi. As we went about starting our venture, we did not initially see any concrete results.

For instance, when we circulated our first round of pamphlets, started our blogs etc. - not many children joined.

However, there came a point - when we decided to give it our all. We decided to stretch ourselves beyond our limits and work hard. We decided to face our fears - and approach tens of strangers everyday (despite being a bit afraid and hesitant) and directly talk to them about our classes.

In just about 10 days, we have interacted with over 360 strangers - and yes - the enrolments are flowing in. We have quite a significant number of children now.

The lesson I learnt? For some reason - the universe wants you to give your all before it shows you the results. It wants you to face your fears and overcome your laziness first. It wants your desire to achieve something - to be greater than your fears and your laziness.

Have a great day!

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Picture Quote: Successful People

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Have a splendid day!

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Audio: Forming Habits

I recently wrote about a simple way to change habits that I have been practising recently. According to this technique, you change one tiny habit (that's very easy to change) first. You practice this habit for 30 days.

Then, you increase the intensity of this habit further and you practice that habit for another 30 days. You go on - slowly, until you completely establish the habit you want to establish.

So, for instance, you can start with walking for 5 minutes everyday for 3 days. Then, you can walk for 10 minutes everyday for the next 30 days. Then, for 20 minutes everyday for the next 30 days. Eventually - you can walk for 1 hour a day for 30 days (the goal).

I've talked about this habit changing method in today's podcast episode: A Terribly Simple Way to Create a New Habit

Give it a listen!

Hope you have a splendid day - a day you'll cherish.

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Picture Quote: Forming Habits

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Years ago - I tried to force myself to establish new habits, simply by willing myself to establish them. This worked for 3-4 days, but then I would give up on the new habit.

For instance, I would try to wake up at 5 AM (when my usual time was 10 AM) and I would end up waking up at 5 AM for just 2-3 days before I slipped back to my old patterns.

What I have learnt now is that habit change is NOT only about will power. It is also about being smart and making the chemicals of the brain help you.

A great way to establish new habits is to BREAK the habit down into very tiny parts. Then, you can work on establishing a very easy tiny habit for 30 days. Then, building on that success, you can establish a slightly more difficult (but still easy) habit for the next 30 days. You can upgrade your habits - until finally, after 5-6 months, you actually establish the habit you wanted to establish.

For example, if you want to establish the habit of exercising for 1 hour a day, you can start with exercising for 5 minutes a day for 30 days. Then, go ahead and exercise for 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days. Then, go on and hit 15 minutes, 20 minutes - and soon enough - you will reach your 1 hour target.

The advantage of this method is that it is easy, does not involve tons of self-discipline - and it helps you succeed again and again (tiny victories) - which gives you more and more hope.

I am coming up with a podcast episode about habit change soon - and I'll talk more about changing habits practically there.

Until next time, wherever you are - have a splendid, exciting and wonderful day!

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Picture Quote: On Difficulties

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

For a long time in the past, I complained saying, "Why is it so difficult to create passive income?" Or, "Why is it so difficult to live THE perfect life that I want to live?".

In fact, I still do that sometimes. However, one thing has stood out over the years. I have realized (atleast had glimpses of this realization) that it is NOT the difficulties we encounter that make us happy or sad. No matter what project you are working on, you are bound to have some difficulties or the other at some stage.

It is how we respond to difficulties that makes us happy or sad. Some wise people learn to enjoy the problems in their path. They treat them as challenges - exactly like you would treat different levels in a game.

It is very "difficult" to adopt this attitude. But it is possible. And once you adopt this attitude, happiness flows in. You suddenly realize that all your troubles have no power over you.

Have a wonderful day in which you're able to stay on track - despite challenges!

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Picture Quote: What's Stopping You

Click here if you can't view the picture quote.

Have a day full of meaningful action!

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Audio: 10 Simple Habits

Over the past few years, I have realized that small, almost insignificant habits play a large role in determining our level of happiness and meaning.

I've recorded a podcast episode about 10 simple and interesting habits that you can establish today. These are all habits that hardly require any effort to establish - but they will yield long term returns.

Many of these habits have helped me move from OK life to a much better life.

Give the podcast a listen!

And of course - have a very satisfying day.

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Picture Quote: Principles, Instincts

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

This happened to me recently. I recently gave someone a loan for a cause that I did not believe in - because I became emotional. I lied to a person (without even realizing) to talk about myself in a slightly favorable way, a few days ago. Such situations present themselves before us daily - and every time we act out of instincts and extreme emotions without doing what we truly want to do, we lower our self esteem.

These incidents prompted me to write down the principles that were truly important to me. I have seen that whenever I act out of true principles I believe in, I feel greater joy than when I act only out of instincts or sudden emotions. I want to do this more often.

As Arnold Bennett says (not the exact words), "One of the ways towards deep peace and happiness is to figure out what your truest beliefs are - and to then act in accordance with them in practical daily life."

Here's a post that I wrote long ago about creating a personal mission statement (I believe in such a statement very much.)

Have a splendid, growth filled day. :)

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Picture Quote: Tough Lessons

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

Hope you're doing good, wherever you are. If you're in India, have a very Happy Holi. :)

If you're facing tough times, well, I wish you more strength to go through the tough phase. All the best.

Have a great day.

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Picture Quote: Change is Easy

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

For a long time, I thought changing my life was difficult. There were so many things to change!

Changing habits. Changing a career. Changing how a relationship is. Changing one's level of physical fitness. Changing one's thoughts.

It is in fact, recently, however, that I've learnt something magical about change: it is easy if you take one tiny little step at a time.

For instance, just walking for 10 minutes a day for a month at first. Or waking up 15 minutes before you normally wake up for 30 days. Or working on your "dream" for just 20 minutes every day for a month.

Interestingly, one tiny little change that you make in your life - for one month - sparks off a chain reaction that changes your life. After you've made one tiny change, you want to make another one, then another one - and before you know - you're the person you've wanted to be.

This is one of the important lessons that I am learning these days.

Have a great day. :)

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Picture Quote: Clear Goals

Click here if you can't see the picture quote.

I saw a movie that was based on Helen Keller's life today. Helen Keller could not see, nor could she hear. Yet, she graduated with a degree in arts, wrote many books and created a huge impact on the world.

That's what made me ask myself: if she - who could not see or hear - could achieve such significant goals, what about us? Of course we can achieve any goal we set our eyes on.

All that's needed is clarity on what we want to achieve - and the willingness to pay the price.

Have a satisfying day!

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