The Easiest Way to Not Forget Life-changing Ideas

Has it happened that you got an idea about changing a part of your life when you were driving? Or cooking? Or remembered something very important while you were in a class or meeting and then forgot about it completely after the meeting was up?

Remember, don't forget

The point is, many, many times we get fantastic clear ideas about how we can improve our lives, or we suddenly realize that something in our life is terribly wrong and then, well..forget it all. 🙂

Here are some examples of ideas I got some time ago. I bet this will make you think of some from your life.

1 I read a wonderful article on changing limiting beliefs about reality and thought – wow this is so relevant to my life. I have so many limiting beliefs. I should lie down, take a few deep breaths and really rip my beliefs apart. Then I cooked. 🙂 Then I slept. 🙂

2 I was eating at a restaurant, when I remembered that I had read somewhere that drinking water while eating food causes ‘x’ problem + ‘y’ problem + ‘z’ problem. Drink it an hour after meals, that someone had said. I drank water and forgot about it.

3 While _________ (fill in with bathing, eating, x, y, z), I suddenly remembered my aunt was ill. I wanted to talk to her. But I had not talked with her for a long time and was uncomfortable about it. Bath, x, y, z over – everything forgotten!


Now replace me with you.

Say you were in a shop and suddenly sensed fear in you when you saw an acquaintance passing by – someone you simply DID NOT want to meet at this moment. Then you thought, why should I be afraid of him? I should think about my fear sometime and NOT be afraid. And then you forgot all about the incident.

Or you saw a beggar getting wet in the rain and thought – I would want to do something for people like this..Maybe I could start a beggars‘ home, a different one – where they really taught people something. Then you came home and got lost. 🙂

How to remember these ideas and act upon them?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you and me could act upon all our brainwaves? Wouldn’t our lives always keep changing for the better?

One idea which I actually implemented – changed the way I let other ideas effect my life. This was – “Why not carry a piece of paper/pad and a pen with me always to jot down ideas or even better why not jot any idea down immediately in my cell phone and save it? “

“What to do then after jotting the idea? When will I get time to think about it?” – can be a nice retort. You and I however will have many opportunities to make time to ponder over our ideas.

Say you’re waiting for your dinner to arrive at a restaurant sitting alone. Why not just take out the cell phone and ponder over what you want to do with the idea. Darn! You could even take out your pen and plan out stuff on the tissue paper – stuff that could really change your life!

Or say you are doing nothing and sitting in a train. Why not look at your mobile phone – remember the life changing negative belief eliminating ideas that article gave you (OK that was me. :)) and work on it right now on a paper?

OR, if there is something serious that needs you to be alone and undisturbed when you think of it, then whenever you plan your week or your day or your month – why not just look at your cell phone and allocate an undisturbed, awesome block of time for you to go through your idea? This will even mean – you get a lot of time to think and journal about your idea in a focused, no-nonsensical-thoughts-disturbing-me way!

As soon as I started doing this – jotting down ideas in my phone – I realized how full of possibilities I was. I mean there were literally so many seeds telling me how to improve my life, how to find more meaning in living strewn all around!

Life’s definitely better now.

How can this help you live a better, more fulfilling life?

J K Rowling thought about Harry Potter while she was traveling from Manchester to London in a train. She implemented her idea.

While your ideas and mine might not be as phenomenal, they can help us feel better and live better lives.

Say you shout at someone at work or home. Immediately after the incident you think – I shouldn’t loose control like that, really I should be calm. You note down – “Shouting incident, want to be calm.” in your cell phone. Then, when you plan your next day at work – you keep a sizable chunk of time free for yourself so that you can work out how to deal with your anger. Next day at the planned time – you think about how you would truly want to act in such a situation. You visualize yourself doing that. You also read up some articles on the net related to your situation. You decide exactly what you can do the next time a similar incident happens. You feel very happy after this decision. And you smile like this – :).

Another scenario. You are at work when your friend/co-worker tells you – “ waste is an awesome fertilizer for plants, you know.” You think – I should probe this more. How much of waste to put? How frequently? And then how exactly will the plants be effected? And won’t it appear ugly – or will the plants “eat up” the waste in a day? Then you immediately save the idea in your phone. When you next plan your week, you allot yourself some free time on 1 particular day. On this day, you search up all the information you want on the divine relationship between kitchen waste and plants on the internet, get all your answers, even call up a nursery guy you know and well, smile. 🙂 Then you actually do it – you feed your plants kitchen waste. And the plants smile back at you.

Since every idea – every life-changing thought you have can work wonders in your life, why not capture it? So many of us read articles, have friends telling us things, watch informative documentaries and stirring movies, or simply think up miraculous stuff ourselves. And forget about it all. Why not practically make the changes in our life we want to make deep down anyway?

A Trial

Initially this might seem like a chore. After all who wants to get his cell phone out and type, type, type?

But then I have an offer to make.

Try the idea for one week. See if it helps you in any way. See how you feel. Better or worse? And then you can discard the idea if you think it’s crap. At least you tried. 🙂

But if the method gets you to ACTUALLY ACT on even one stray idea you had while you were reading X, talking Y or running Z, won’t your life REALLY change for the better?

Recording and acting upon ideas can be fun. 🙂