My Life Will Get Better as I Stop Criticizing :)

by A Nice Human Being
(The Planet Earth ;))

I really feel that I need to stop criticizing and complaining. Recently, I was talking to one of my best friends and she told me "Hey you complain too much." That was my first wake up call.

Since then, I have started noticing my own flaws and am making an effort to complain less.

But talking about unhappiness is easier than talking about happiness. So despite trying hard, I continued to criticize my own friends like a perennial fault-finder and international-level gossiper. At times I even called people around me ‘ugly’. Today when I was talking to another good friend and ended up calling someone ugly, she told me, "Hey you don’t have to hang out with people you don’t like, you aren’t being paid for that."

She was right: Did I have to hang out with people I didn’t like?

This made me rethink a question a very good guy friend of mine had asked me when I was criticizing too much: "Are you really worried about that?"

Was I even worried about the faults of other people?

So today, finally, I made a promise to myself. I might not go back and undo everything, but I promise to be happy about other people’s happiness. I won’t look down on anybody unless I am helping them to get up. :)

I promise to remember how I feel when people call me ‘ugly’ and to remember how hurt the people I call ‘ugly’ feel about it. I need to be more compassionate and complain less.

Whoever needs to leave my life is free to go, one less person to please. New friends will come.

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Aug 17, 2010
by: Meghu

Dear Joey, This is not my writing - but a contribution from a reader. But thanks of course for going through it and reading it!

The actual article, which inspired this contribution is located at

Aug 16, 2010
stop criticizing
by: joey

Nice topic...

Could have done better. u only said its bad. y! how to conquer it.

elaborate a lil bit man.

Keep buzzing.


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