My Life Is Following The Same Path As Santiago's!

by Chetan
(Tirupathi, India)

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho talks about Santiago's story but these days, the story has actually become true in my own life!

It is a story of 99 days. And I am very specific about the days because my story played out across exactly 99 days - and it was in fact on the 100th day that I came across The Alchemist and realized that my story was so similar!

Many days ago and 100 days before I found the Alchemist, I was "one of the guys in my class". People thought I was a genius, very intelligent, smart, awesome and every adjective which can be used with an adverb. ;) I was also arrogant, egoistic and nasty. When somebody was really interested in discussing something with me, I just "suppressed" him and started off with my own argument and generally won it too.

This is when my story began. On the 1st day out of my 99 days I fell in love! I had been very shy with respect to girls and this was the first time I felt like talking to someone like that. I just felt like I needed to talk more and more with her! I equate this incident to Santiago's meeting with Fatima.

But as it has happened many times in The Alchemist, life turns upside down when you start feeling "content". Exams came and the only thing that I was interested in was talking to this girl. On one of my examination days, some sad thing happened between me and the girl I loved and she stopped talking to me. I got frustrated and neglected my studies... On the 90th day, the results came out and I got flunked in 4 subjects! My classmates were shocked and people started looking down at me. They suddenly started thinking of me as a loser! On the 91st day, my parents came to know about my results and they were shocked too. I equate this situation to Santiago's vain search for treasure and him being lost and in despair on not being able to find it.

It was after his sad state that Santiago found the crystal merchant - and in my case, after my debacle in exams, I found my humbleness. I became aware of my vanity and arrogance and overnight became a more peaceful and simple person.

Then, as Santiago moves on, he meets the alchemist. I found my mentor in Mr Gowtham, my college lecturer. As he guided me, I focused on my studies in a more sincere way and I topped the next semester! Under Mr Gowtham's guidance, I also realized that what I really wanted to do was become a writer, not JUST succeed in my exams...

The boy Santiago, finds his treasure at last as he follows his heart - will I find and fulfill my dream? I guess I will and I hope the girl I love also comes back to me.

I am glad to have found a book I could relate to and which has now inspired me to go ahead and seek my dream. I have to believe in the beauty of my dreams...

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