Meditation For Beginners Like You And Me: The Meditation Experiment!

We’ve all heard of meditation and its benefits.

I’ve heard for example, that it brings peace of mind and relaxes you. Small things like fights with office colleagues and stress at work don’t affect you when you meditate. You become a better person, apparently.

But have you actually tried meditating regularly?

The fascinating fact is, that despite hearing so much about the “good effects” of meditation for beginners, I have only meditated about 15 times in my life.

Each time I have done it, I have DEFINITELY felt more peaceful and focused and fresher, but I have not been able to make it into a habit or continue it for a sufficiently long time.

And therefore – NOW – finally, I’ve decided to bring meditation into my life. I want to meditate regularly for a sufficiently long time and find out for myself the effects it will have on my life.

To see for myself how meditating consistently for a long time feels, I am carrying out an experiment:

“I will meditate every day for 30 minutes, for the next 30 days (August 5-September 4).”

How does my day get affected when I meditate regularly? How do my relationships get affected when I meditate? I’ll find all that out. If meditation is indeed awesome, I could continue with the habit for the rest of my life. If it isn’t awesome, I can discard it after 30 days.

In any case, I will update you about exactly how I am feeling after meditating and the problems I’m facing, every few days. 🙂

How Will I Meditate?

There are so many mindful meditation techniques available – there is “audio meditation” in which you listen to an audio and get relaxed, there is the “now meditation” in which you focus on the present moment and there is even “music meditation” in which you focus intently on a certain piece of music that is being played. I have myself tried many of these stress relaxation techniques before and written about them here.

In this experiment, however I will use the simplest type of meditation – “breathing meditation”.

For 30 minutes every day for the next 30 days, I will observe my breath. I won’t breathe deeply, or take in a lot of extra air – I will let my breath be as it is. However, I will observe it during my 30 minutes of meditation. This means, that I will notice the air as it enters my nose, feel it pass through my wind pipe, feel my lungs getting inflated, and then feel the air coming out of my nose into the atmosphere. I won’t force the air in or out and I won’t hold my breath. I will let my breathing be as it already is – and watch it intently. For 30 minutes each day.

If I am distracted by thoughts during this process, I will not blame myself, but come back to noticing my breath as soon as I become conscious of being distracted. And then I will continue with my meditation.

So well, that’s the plan. s

How Often Will I Post Updates?

There is no fixed time after which I will post an update, but I will definitely try to post my meditation updates at least once a week. However, if I feel that I have experienced something amazing that simply must be shared, then I will post more frequently – maybe even once in 3 days. It all depends on how meditation makes me feel.

What I do promise however is – that whatever I learn from this experiment, I will share with you.

Would You Like To Join In?

If you too have always wanted to meditate but have postponed doing so because of laziness, or “not getting the time” or a host of other reasons, you can join in now and participate in this “meditation for beginners” experiment along with me! All you need is half an hour a day for the next 30- days and you too can find out for yourself if meditation can really make you feel peaceful or relax you.

Come, jump in!

So here’s kick starting the meditation experiment. 🙂

I am feeling quite excited even as I think about it. All the best to me and to you if you’re joining in too!

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