Meditate Anywhere!

by Prateek Gupta
(NOIDA, India)

After reading your article, I realised that meditation is nothing but focussing one's mind on a particular thing: I might have been already doing it without knowing!

Many times, while walking or travelling, I get so engrossed in my thoughts that I don't even remember what I have seen on the way or how much time has elapsed. But when I do become aware of my surroundings, it feels as if I have just woken up after having dreamt about the thing I was thinking about. :) And then, as I look around I indeed feel active and fresh.

So meditating is not about being in a secluded room but can also be done by a person who is on the go... Cool!


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Apr 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

This site is really good!

Oct 07, 2010
I feel so too!
by: Meghashyam

Prateek, very similar to what you said, there have been times when all I have done is listened to a song - lost in the lyrics, music,the background score... and I have felt so peaceful..

We could actually try meditating anytime we feel like it I guess.

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