A Manifesting Technique That Purified Me: Day 12 of the $500 Challenge

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Day 12 of the Law of Attraction Challenge was special: today the email didn’t ask me to do anything for myself.

It asked me to do something for another person.

The Email

The email essentially said: “Genuinely wish that another person you know experiences financial abundance.” And thinking such thoughts would attract financial abundance for me too.


So Did I Think Nice “Money” Thoughts For Another Person?

I didn’t.

I didn’t do what the email asked me to do. I did something else.

I thought: “It is not money that I want. It is the fulfillment of my deepest desires that I want. “

For example, I want to go on a holiday with Krupa. That is my desire.

I want to experience the freedom of doing whatever I really feel like doing in the moment without any boss-imposed-restrictions. That is my desire.

So I thought: “Instead of wishing that someone I know gets loads of money, let me genuinely wish that that the deepest desire of that person gets fulfilled.”

If wishing that someone else gets money would attract money for me, wishing genuinely that his desires be fulfilled would definitely attract the fulfillment of my desires.

I have a friend, whose mother is currently very ill. I know that in his heart – all that he really wants right now – is that she get well. He wants nothing else.

I thought of praying for him.

I imagined this friend in the hospital with his mother. He was holding her hand. And as he looked into her eyes – there was an intense longing in his eyes – a heartfelt prayer that his mother recover soon. I saw his moist eyes…I saw him beg God for his mother’s health.

And in that moment I prayed with all my heart that his mother get well…

I felt immensely peaceful after doing so.

This to me was the most fulfilling, and purifying exercise of this 21 day trial.

May his mother get well soon.


I had a Google Adsense income of $1.80 today. Again, much higher than the average.

So I’ll add this $1.80 to the list of manifestations.

One peculiar observation is that my daily Google Adsense income has increased by about 250 percent ever since I started the law of attraction challenge. And no, I didn’t change any colors, fonts, add-sizes etc. I did nothing else.

It is nice that the law works.