Manifesting Prosperity: Days 11-21 of the $500 Experiment!

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Have you heard about the $500 ‘manifest money’ experiment?

It was basically an experiment where I tried to manifest $500 in 21 days using the universal law of attraction and succeeded!

Everyday I received an email from this website and I did exactly what that email told me to do!

I’ve written about what I did the whole day and how much I manifested below. 🙂 It was not only fun: I learnt a hell lot too.

 The first 10 Days of this experiment are here on this page, and $353.70 is what I manifested by the end of Day 10. Day 1 to Day 10 were wonderful with experiments like writing down all my beliefs on paper, donating money to someone to feel “abundance” and even listing out interesting ways in which money could come to me. 🙂

So what happened from Day 11 – 21? And which was the exact day when I actually manifested $500? Read on!

   On Day 11 of the Law of Attraction Challenge, I Wrote a Letter to Jason.
   Day 12: A Manifesting Technique That Purified Me.
  Day 13: For Manifesting Abundance, You Have to Let Go of the Past.
  Day 14: The Law of Attraction Manifested $72.45 More Today…
  On Day 15 of the Law of Attraction Challenge, I Became a Kitten!
  On Day 16, I Lay Down and thought About the Law of Attraction.
  On Day 17, Jason Gave Me Some Interesting Law of Attraction Info: I Could Be Blocking Money.
Day 18 of the Law of Attraction Challenge. What is EFT?
  Day 19 of the ‘Manifest Money’ Challenge. How Does Throwing Away Money Feel Like?
   On Day 20 of the Law of Attraction Challenge, I Did It. I Manifested $500!
   Day 21 – the Last Day of the Law of Attraction Challenge Had an Interesting Mirror Exercise.