The Manifesting Process Has Begun! My First Desire Was To Attract Maggi Noodles.

Two days ago, I actually set my first intention. This intention was to manifest a big white bowl of “Maggi Noodles” cooked with a moderate amount of water, and having a lot of green peas.

The intention didn’t COMPLETELY come true, but a BIG PART OF IT DID come true with a lot of weird synchronicities occurring in the last 2 days!

(If you don’t what’s going on: – well this is what’s going on)

Yes, yes I’ll tell you all about those synchronicities and whether I actually ended up with a packet of Maggi noodles or not, but first let me tell you how I set the intention in the first place…

What Did I Do?

On the ‘morning of the intention’, I thought – “I have to purely think about what I want for 17 seconds. So why not talk about my intention to someone for 17 seconds? When we think, we may get distracted, but we are focused when we talk. And I’ve heard about people manifesting intentions only by talking.”

Since my friend was nearby anyway, I told him about my intention to attract Maggi noodles into my life. 🙂 Then I started describing to him the exact kind of Maggi noodles I wanted. I told him that I wanted the noodles to have just the right amount of water. I told him there should be a lot of green peas in the Maggi. I told him how joyful it would be to make my fork delve into the mind numbingly appetizing noodles, pick up a heap and slowly savor the delicacy… I wanted a LOT of Maggi – so much that the quantity appeared really huge when you looked at the noodles. Only one packet wouldn’t do. I went on, and on – I must definitely have spoken for 30 seconds at least!

Wow. 🙂 I had set my intention and started off the manifesting process!

But then, I wasn’t satisfied. What if this ‘talking thing’ didn’t work? So I did something I had not intended: I set my intention again.

I switched off the lights, lay down on the bed and tried to observe my breath to feel calm. Just when I was about to deift off to sleep, I decided to intend.

This time I imagined a white porcelain bowl full of steaming Maggi noodles. The bowl was literally overflowing with noodles as I rolled my fork in the noodles and let one noodle encircle my fork like a snake. Then I picked up my fork and sucked the noodle out of it. I also imagined having a lot of noodles dangling from the fork as I lifted it up to eat the noodles.

There is no denying that when I finally stopped imagining all this:

a)My mouth was watering.
b)29 Seconds had passed (or so said the stop watch)!

And that is how I set my first intention to manifest a huge quantity of Maggi Noodles (with green peas) in a large white porcelain bowl.

What Happened?

Ah, that’s the exciting part.

Until evening, nothing happened. There were no manifestations.

I went to dine alone at a restaurant at around 7:10 PM. I had all but forgotten about the Maggi intention. I observed the well lit room, the pictures on the walls and the overall ambience. I observed the expressions of the family sitting on the next table. Then I scoured through the menu looking for something appropriate to eat.

After about 7-8 minutes of pondering, I decided I wanted to have Vegetable Chow Mein. I had placed my order, and the waiter was about to place a hot bowl of Chow Mein in front of me – when I realized: ‘I have already attracted noodles in my life!’

I didn’t place that order being conscious of my Maggi intention. I had truly forgotten about it! And yet, the waiter placed before me a large white bowloverflowing with noodles and green vegetables. It seemed like the universe made me order this!

The quantity of the noodles was HUGE just as I had intended. So huge in fact, that I just couldn’t finish all the noodles and had to get the part I couldn’t finish packed.

Now this itself was quite a manifestation because I had attracted a huge white bowl of noodles (though not Maggi Noodles) without even consciously thinking about my morning intention. I had naturally ordered noodles and only later realized that what I had ordered co-incided with my intention. But even more was to come the night!

I and two of my friends went out to dine at another restaurant. My friend hadn’t had dinner and he was leaving the city that day, so I was ready to have dinner with him again in exchange for some wonderful moments with him.

Guess what he naturally ordered at this restaurant? ‘Singapuri Noodles’!

And they again came in a large white bowl and in a HUGE quantity. And I had quite a part of the noodles yet again. Wow.

Now this had to be a synchronicity.

The next day, was full of interesting happenings too. 🙂 I noticed a restaurant which had exactly the same “red” and “yellow” colours that Maggi packets have. Exactly the same.

In the evening, this time, I saw a colleague of mine eating a large quantity of noodles from her plate. (I must confess I was sick of noodles by this time!)

And then in the night, when I came home from a work, the first thing I saw was a packet of yesterday’s left-over noodles (which my friends and I had got packed because we couldn’t finish the noodles last night). The noodles had gone stale much like my thoughts about them. 🙂 I just DIDN’T WANT more noodles! 😛

But the freaking manifesting process continued and another colleague ordered Maggi noodles while at work today and offered me two “fork-fulls”!

So that was it. To summarize it: I ended up eating Noodles from a large white bowl (as I had imagined) twice. I noticed that the colours of a restaurants display board exactly MAGGI colours. And I saw a colleague eating noodles and was encountered by rotting noodles when I came back home. And then another colleague offered me Maggi noodles! 🙂

Overall, though the universe didn’t get me exactly what I wanted (no sign of green peas), it did get me a lot of things EXACTLY as I wanted (white bowl, large quantity of noodles).

I am satisfied with the way the manifesting process turned out for my first desire. Will things be even better for my second one? 🙂 I am excited!

The Next Desire

My next ‘manifest reality’ desire is to manifest a “lower” or a pair of “night pants” or “pajamas” within the next 2 days.

I had one pair of night pants that I wore almost every night until a few weeks ago when it tore at the knees. Since then, I have been too lazy to buy another which has resulted in me roaming around wrapping a towel around me, when at home.

I desperate need a pair of night pants or pajamas. But I don’t really feel like making an effort and buying it.

And so, I intend to attract a suitable pair of night pants for myself within the next 2 days… I’ll tell you more about exactly which pair of night pants I visualized, exactly how I visualized it and whether it did indeed turn up in my next post!

Wish me luck for my next manifesting process! 🙂

PS: Trying to manifest reality is actually exciting. It is so weird yet interesting to carry out a manifesting process as if it were a science experiment…