The Manifesting Process Is Exciting! Desire 13 Partially Came True.

So I have finally reached desire number 13 of this law of attraction experiment. 🙂

Out of the first 12 desires, 10 manifested in some way and 2 didn’t manifest at all.

Yet, overall my belief in the law of attraction has definitely been strengthened by this experiment.

After all, I thought of a pair of night pants, and night pants manifested, I thought of rose petals floating on water – and I saw them, and I contemplated seeing a special guava for 17 seconds and spotted such a guava in a few hours!

So yes…I am strongly starting to believe in the law of attraction…

What happened to desire 13 – my desire to manifest a rubber ball with three stripes on it? It partially came true. I didn’t exactly spot a green rubber ball – but I did spot plenty of balls that were green. Here’s what happened.

The Manifesting Process and a Green Ball

As usual, I lay down on my bed and covered myself with a quilt. That feels so cozy and warm that I get right into the “intention-setting” state.

I imagined a dark green rubber ball placed on the table. I walked upto this ball and caressed it. I felt its smooth yet rubbery surface – and I felt the protruding stripes that this ball had. Then I slowly brought my mouth near this ball and gave it a small peck. I felt a sudden surge of love towards this ball…This ball too was in someway a creation of the universe.

I picked this ball up and threw it at the wall! I caught it back as it bounced into my hands after hitting the wall. I remembered the times when as a child, I had played with such a ball regularly – throwing it at the wall, again and again and catching it…

STOP! 🙂 I took a peek at the stop watch. More than 30 seconds had passed. Intention set!

Surrounded by Balls

What do I do for a living? This site does give me some income – but not enough to sustain me yet. I work in an education-based company where I create presentations related to Physics and then deliver video lectures based on these presentations. These Physics lectures are then sold as DVDs to help students understand the concepts of Physics better.

On the very day on which I set my intention – my boss called me to his mini-cabin and told me to abandon the chapter I was working on. He asked me to create a presentation on “Electrostatics” instead.

The reason I am telling you all this is because – as part of this new electrostatics presentation – I ended up drawing balls, balls and more balls! Electrostatics is full of charged particles which I had to depict as “balls” in the presentation.

As opposed to drawing hardly any ball in all the presentations I had made till date, I ended up drawing about 20 balls – 7 of them green, in this presentation!

There was even one large green ball that consumed the whole slide and that I used to represent an electric field.

So yes, I believe I attracted so many balls, because of the law of attraction.

On the day after I had set my intention, as I ventured out to shop, I kept seeing people selling guavas everywhere. I did not see them selling any other fruit – but guava-carts were ubiquitous. Was that because guavas are green balls? 🙂 I don’t know.

On this day, I also saw a football lying in one of the hedges near my house. Again – was that the universe trying to bring in more “balls” in my life?

Could be.

So there – I did NOT manifest a dark green rubber ball. But I did manifest a lot of “green balls” and a football. 🙂

Hmmmmmm.. ;)I know this intention wasn’t completely successful, but I’ll go ahead and set the next intention anyway.

OK. What’s the Next Intention?

I’ve decided to take it easy and try to manifest something simple this time.

I lay down on my bed some time ago and asked myself – what is it that I truly desire right now?

What cropped up inside my head was a vegetable pizza from Pizza Hut that had tomatoes, onions, and capsicum in it. 🙂

I imagined eating this pizza – and sipping chilled diet coke along with it.

That’s it! I was sure.

My next intention is to manifest a large veggie pizza with tomatoes, onions and capsicum to go with it. And along with the pizza, I want a large quantity of diet coke.

Now I know this is junk food and not really awesome for my health. And I also know that it is terribly simple to manifest this intention. I could walk into a restaurant and have my pizza.

But I’ll still go with it – because this is what I truly desire right now – and I want to see how the universe manifests a pizza in its own unique way.

Let’s see what happens. Off to you universe!