Manifesting Miracles: Desire 5 to Manifest “Rose-Water” Came True!

Can you guess what the outcome of my 5th desire in this law of attraction experiment was?

Was I able to manifest rose petals floating around in a water bowl?

Yes I was!

The manifestation wasn’t “perfect” but the sheer fact that I could attract something so weird as petals floating around in water, in a city like New Delhi makes my belief in the law of attraction stronger.

How Did I Set My Intention This Time?

This time around, somehow, I couldn’t find time to set my intention.

I was busy with some friends who had come from far away and I attended the ‘PAN-IIT Conference’ with them.

As part of the event, we were all waiting for a movie to start – when I remembered – “Oops, I forgot to set my intention!”

So as the movie credits played on screen, I shut my eyes in the theater and thought of my rose petals. I imagined about 10 pinkish crimson petals floating around in crystal clear water…I imagined dipping my hand in the water and felt it engulf my fingers. I caressed one of the rose petals and perceived its tenderness.

Then I dedicated all the rose water to my girlfriend. I did this because of the pure feeling that filled me after I had imagined the rose petals and the water.


So How Did the Intention Come True?

My friends and I were lazing around near “The Great India Place”, an uncommonly huge mall in Noida (near Delhi, India).

As soon as we approached the entrance of the mall, a “wow” escaped my lips. The entrance was bedecked with yellow flowers and two large bowls of water with yellow petals floating inside them were lying on either side of the entrance! Apparently this floral decoration had been carried out to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights in India.

I looked at the crystal clear water in the bowls and smiled. My manifestation had begun!

But I had still not seen “rose petals” in a bowl of water.

Yesterday morning on my way to work, another interesting sight caught my attention. As I whizzed past in my auto-rickshaw (a common mode of transport in Delhi), I saw rows and rows of pinkish-crimson roses lining the pavement. Apparently there was a row of florists I had never noticed before, on my way to work. Very near the row of flower bouquets, I perceived a puddle of water formed by a depression in the road with pinkish-rose petals of the exact color I had imagined floating on it!

What a weird way for my desire to come true. 🙂 Indeed the ways of the universe are unexpected.

No I didn’t get a bowl with crystal clear water and rose petals floating on it. But I did get two scenarios painfully close to what I had expected.

And the Next Desire is…

With all previous desires manifesting, I have decided to set a weird desire this time. Something difficult!

My intention this time is to manifest a glass bowl full of expertly cut pineapple pieces coated with sugar. I want to then eat these pieces one by one by digging my fork into each piece…

Mmm…I love pineapple pieces coated with sugar…

So universe, now it’s off to you! I’ve done my part. 🙂