The 'Manifesting Miracles Experiment' - Desire 7 Partially Came True...

Things are getting back on track. :)

No “Desire 7” of the 'manifesting miracles experiment' didn’t manifest in any spectacular way - but enough things manifested to restore my faith in the “17 seconds law of attraction” phenomenon.

I DID NOT manifest a blue feather as I had intended. 

But I manifested the colour blue, quite some feathers and an object that looked like a blue feather. :) Hmm.

Manifesting Miracles: Desire Number 7

How Did I Set My Intention?

As usual, I lay down and tried to observe my breath. When I finally reached a stage where I was relatively calm and not flooded by a hundred thoughts, I imagined a blue feather like this.:

blue feather

Manifesting miracles is fun. I enjoyed the law of attraction meditation this time.

I imagined that this was the feather of Krishna, the one that adorned his head. (I have always been fond of Krishna, one of the Gods in Hindu Mythology and imagining my feather on his head - somehow relaxed and calmed me….)

I held that feather in my hand and saw it flutter in the breeze…I felt its 'bristles'.

I imagined holding Krishna's feather with both my hands and dedicated it to the "universe". I imagined that the universe, the source of all that exists in the world was in front of me, and I offered my feather to this source. I felt a sudden surge of emotion as I realized that everything in existence was the handiwork of this universe and my “stature” and my “ego” were actually very small compared to the beautiful forces of existence. The sheer beauty of the world and the sheer insignificance of my physicial form, so overwhelmed me, that I suddenly felt tranquil. In such a state, I placed the feather at the feet of the “universe" and relaxed...

I have no idea why I imagined all this. I had truly wanted to imagine <>only a feather. :) But maybe I associate the concept of a "feather" with creation and purity.... So my sub-conscious mind brought all those images up.

The visualization this time was clearly not just a visualization - it was partially a spiritual experience. But well, I loved it. :)

So Then, What Manifested in Your Life?

Within a few hours of setting the intention, as I walked around the area surrounding Huma Mall in Mumbai, I came across a feather like this.

feather manifesting miracles

Manifesting Miracles? A grey feather turned up when I asked for a blue one!

The feather was partly grey and partly white. The interesting thing was that there was NO other feather in sight for as long as I could see. There was just this one feather write in the middle of the walkway as distinct as it could be.

I nodded. The feather wasn’t blue but at least I had seen a feather. :) I hadn’t seen one in months.

The very next day, while walking on a pavement I saw yet another feather (grey and white) in exactly similar conditions. The feather lay right in the middle of the pavement with no other feather lying near it. It looked like a special decorative item placed distinctly at a prime spot on the pavement.

I smiled this time. 2 Feathers in 2 days is good. But no blue feather yet. :)

As if in answer to my “where’s the blue” query - in the evening I SUDDENLY started attracting everything blue!

I started noticing people wearing blue trousers or shirts. I went to get my hair cut and saw a blue lotion right in front of me. Half the bottles in the shop were blue! I started noticing billboards in different shades of blue. The items I purchased in a shop were wrapped in “blue packaging”. On my return flight from Mumbai to Delhi, the most prominent colour I observed in the plane was blue with the air hostesses clad in blue . :)

To make matters more interesting, I noticed three blue combs in the hair saloon where I got my hair cut. The three blue combs when looked at closely almost looked like three feathers… (OK that’s a bit too much, but then why would there be three “blue” combs?)

Feather or comb manifesting miracles

Manifesting Miracles Desire 7: yes, a comb does look like a feather.

Now yes, the truth is that the “blue feather “ did not come. But I wasn’t as disappointed as last time and there were definitely some small but unusual manifestations.

Let’s see how the next intention in this 'manifesting miracles experiment' goes!

And The Next Intention Is...

My girlfriend is visiting me (in Delhi) on my birthday (November 13, 2010). We both want to watch either a funny movie like EuroTrip OR a cool and breezy love story like Love Actually.

But we both have no idea about which movie to watch.:( All the movies releasing this week in theatres have pathetic reviews and so we‘re planning to watch our movie on DVD.

My next request to the universe is that it should somehow CLEARLY recommend to me the PERFECT movie to watch on my birthday. Any movie that will ensure that we have the most intimate and yet funny time together will do. :) I want the universe to CLEARLY provide sings/symbols or SOMEHOW tell me WITHOUT mincing words - that “X” is the movie to watch!

I know this is a weird intention but then it would be wonderful to have an answer like this from the universe. :)

Let’s see what happens! Which movie will I watch?

I’ll tell you next time.

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