Manifesting Abundance: Fulfilling 20 Desires in 40 Days by Using Thought Power!

We’ve all heard about the law of attraction and ‘manifesting abundance’, right? (Well, if you haven’t this should help a lot).

It states that you can attract whatever you desire by thinking PURE, un-contradicted thoughts about it.

So if you want a new car, you just have to visualize having a new car (without any anti-car thoughts) – and lo and behold that car of your dreams will come into your life!

Now I know you might have heard of this many times – but tell me, practically, doesn‘t it sound unbelievable?

I mean, how many times have YOU used the law of attraction to get something? Have you really used it to get a car, or attract a house, or quit your job? In the past, I’ve rescued a friend using LOA, manifested $540 using the law and turned from sad to happy in 5 minutes. But, for some reason – there’s still that hitch about it. For instance, I have a “desire” to quit my job but I haven’t yet reached the level where I could “purely” visualize it and make it happen. Or if I wanted $500 by next week to visit my girlfriend in Mumbai, again I have no clue how to use the LOA to do that. 🙂

Whatever success I have achieved using the law of abundance has been mostly sporadic, and not terribly convincing.

And so, I want to find out once and for all. I want to delve into it and really know it.

So, I am starting a fascinating experiment: I am going to manifest ONE desire have, every two days, simply by the power of thought, for the next 40 days.

The law of attraction states that if you think about anything PURELY, without opposition for just 17 seconds, you will start attracting it into your life. Like if you think about a packet of Maggi noodles for 17 seconds without any “anti-Maggi” thoughts, you will attract a packet of Maggi in your life.

Image source: BKhushboo (Wikipedia)

Hence, I will think about a small little desire I have for 17 seconds without any thoughts like “this can’t happen” and I will try to manifest it by thinking.

And I will try to manifest 20 such desires in 40 days and of course write about it all here.

Sounds exciting right? Weird and hazy too.

I don’t know how it’ll happen. I don’t know if it will work. I might fail.

But I’ll do it anyway. I’ll try to conjure up 20 things by the power of thought.

There’s a catch though. In these 40 days, I will not try to manifest just about any desire, like getting a million dollars or visiting the moon on the weekend. I will not try to manifest desires which are very unbelievable or which have too much emotion associated with them.

This is because, ‘huge’ desires have a LOT of both positive and negative emotions associated with them. If I think about manifesting a million dollars – my thoughts won’t be pure. Even in the 17 seconds when I am thinking about the million dollars, the background belief will be “this just can’t be true, obviously I am not going to be a millionaire overnight.” They say it is this background resistance that prevents many of our desires from actually manifesting. I want to cut out such resistance in this experiment.

I will therefore focus on small little desires that have no negative feelings associated with them. 🙂 Like having a hot steaming bowl of Maggi noddles in front of me. Or getting an extra holiday from work next week. Or watching a variety of birds chirping around me as I lie peacefully in a green meadow…

You know, the small, little joys of life.

The point is, I’ll think about my desire PURELY for 17 seconds. I’ll wait for 2 days for it to manifest. I’ll write about what happened. And then think about my next desire. 🙂

And this will help me actually work the law of attraction instead of only readingabout it.

And if it actually works, imagine what would happen. I will actually be able to “create things out of thin air” simply by using thoughts! And I’ll also be able to tell you exactly how to do it. 🙂 Maybe then, I’ll really focus on things like manifesting a million dollars or a trip to the moon…

Let’s see. I’ll set the first “17 seconds intention” tomorrow. It’ll be nice if you join in too. You’ll have to invest 17 seconds of your time, once in 2 days to purely think about a small little desire you have.

Or you may not join and keep reading what happens to me as I try to attract abundance and create things out of thin air. 😉

Do tell me what you feel about this law of abundance experiment though. Any suggestions?

Wish me luck. 🙂

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