‘Manifest Reality’ Experiment: Desire Number 12 Involved Spotting a Guava!

Desire 12 of the law of attraction experiment came true in mind-blowing time – just a few hours!

My 12th desire was to manifest a guava with a rough surface, a spot on it, and a large stem jutting out of it.

And this was almost exactly what manifested!

Intention Time!

This time after I had observed my breath and calmed down, I did something I haven’t done before in this law of attraction experiment.

I expressed love for what I intended to manifest.

I imagined my guava with a rough surface and a spot on the side and a stem jutting out of it….and then said “I love you” to it. As I kept looking at my guava placed on a table, I perceived that the source that had brought both the guava and me into existence was the same. This realization made me feel connected with the guava. I slowly brought my lips near it, and gave it a gentle kiss.

That’s it, 17 seconds had passed!

And Here’s the “Intention Comes True” Part

 I was traversing the streets of Delhi mounted on a cycle rickshaw when I saw a man selling oranges on a wheeled cart. That made me aware of my immediate surroundings and I looked around the place. I immediately spotted another man selling guavas!

As my rickshaw passed by the “guava-cart” I perceived that almost all the guavas this man was selling sported exceptionally long stems jutting out of them! That impressed me. “Wow”, thought I.

Later during the day, when I crossed this very path again on foot, I took a closer look at this man’s guavas. Not only did his guavas have a long stem, they were also hard and rough. There was hardly any smooth or soft looking guava. Mmmm…… 🙂

I tried to find a spotted guava in his cart. But I didn’t have my luck there. 🙂 There was no guava with a spot on it…

As I walked home with the happy feeling of having spotted a guava cart hours after intending it, I again spotted another man selling guavas near my house…

So that’s what happened this time: I spotted rough guavas with large stems jutting out of them, but without the spot I had intended. 🙂

But I’m still happy. Maybe I didn’t really focus on the spot when I was imagining my guava? Could be.

Thank you anyway universe, for showing me guavas for the first time since I started living in New Delhi.

Time For the Next Intention

My next intention is – to manifest a dark-green colored rubber ball. This rubber ball should have three circular stripes on its surface.

Will I spot one?

The one thing about this law of attraction experiment that really stuns me at times is the feeling – “it actually works!” Imagine visualizing something for 17 seconds and then seeing that things you thought about in reality after some hours- won’t you feel a little “afraid”? I do feel taken aback at times. After all, if this think-have thing is true, then does that not mean that everything in our lives right now is a result of what we have intended in the past? That prospect is intimidating and yet interesting…

For now, let’s get on with the next intention. Green ball it is!