An Intention to Manifest Money: $500 in 21 Days

Just like you, I’ve heard a lot about the law of attraction – and had some success with it. For instance, I did manage to attract a happy state of mind once. Or yes, I did find a lost friend using LOA.

But still, the success has been intermittent. I “think” I know a lot about it – but if you asked me to manifest 5 gold coins by tomorrow – I’d be stumped.

So I got very excited when I discovered this manifesting prosperity link.

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

This link is about a challenge a guy named Jason threw some time ago. He said it publicly to everyone – ‘Everyday for 21 days, I will send you an email about the law of attraction. Do the exercises I tell you to do. And after 21 days you will be able to manifest 500 dollars!’

A simple challenge: do the interesting exercises he puts out for 21 days – and manifest 500 dollars.

Now that got me hooked. I mean, wouldn’t it be interesting to try it out? I mean, why NOT try it out?

So I decided: I would perform the exercises he mentioned for 21 days, and try to manifest 500 dollars.

From today onwards, I will read the one mail Jason sends me each day, and do what he recommends. And every night, I will tell you here about the mail he sent me, what I did, and what I manifested.

If I do indeed manifest 500 dollars in 21 days, wow! Then I can tell you exactly how I did it. And you can SEE exactly how I did it because it will be done right before your eyes – one day at a time.

And if I don’t….? Yes, there is the fear of failure, but then:

What’s wrong in trying?


All the best to me.

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