On Day 19 of the “Manifest Money” Experiment, I Threw Money Away…

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

Have you ever thrown money away? That’s a bit weird isn’t it? Like, we welcome money. I myself pick a note up as soon as it falls down, frantically.

But Jason has thrown in surprise after surprise in this $500 law of attraction challenge.

On Day 19 of this 21 Day challenge, he asked me to imagine throwing money away!

The ‘Manifest Money’ Email

“We all have this fear of spending money”, said Jason. If you are asked to empty your wallet right now, would you not feel scared? Would you not feel bad about losing all that money?

“That feeling of fear”, said Jason , “keeps us away from a mindset of abundance.”

We do not really believe that there is abundant money. That WHENEVER we need it, the universe WILL give us money. Because if we did, we would not be afraid of throwing away $100 or even $1000. We would be sure that the universe would give us money when we wanted it!

So Jason suggested something terribly intriguing: he said – “Imagine THROWING away money. Imagine emptying your wallet out of the window. Feel yourself sprinkling notes of money hither and thither. Feel the fear, the anxiety of losing money – but do it anyway. “

This reckless “throwing away” of money would tell the sub-conscious mind that there IS enough money in the universe. And I would get it when I needed it.

How Did I Throw Money Away?

 I imagined a lot of interesting things. I’ll tell you two of them.

First, I imagined walking out of my house with my wallet in my pocket: towards a garbage heap that was burning.

When I was right in front of it, I took out my wallet, and emptied ALL the money into the fire. ALL of it. I felt terribly anxious for a millisecond. It’s all gone…. It’s all gone….

I smiled. 🙂 I need not fear the loss of money. More will come…I can let this go.. And I sprinted back to my house feeling the FREEDOM of not being bound by money in any way! I loved this feeling.

Seriously, I liked this exercise. You could try imagining this too, just for the fun of it. The freedom you feel after you have let your wallet burn, is the high part.

I got so excited about this whole thing that I actually emptied my walled on the floor! Then I frantically picked up those Rs 500 ($11) notes. 😛

What was the second thing I imagined? I saw myself RAID (figuratively, that is) the general store at the nearby mall. I bought a thick hard-bound Stephen King novel as a gift for my friend. I didn’t even THINK of the price before buying it. (Normally, I would.) I just put it in my shopping bag. I bought 3 random board games without rhyme or reason! I would distribute them among the poor..I bought porcelain worth thousands without blinking an eyelid. I would decorate my house.. 🙂 I bought a refrigerator worth Rs 10000 ($220) without thinking for an instant! And then guess what I did? I paid the refrigerator guy Rs 20000 ($440). 🙂 Wow.

Now imagining that was fun. I can’t deny it. 🙂

Any Gifts From the Universe?

My girlfriend cooked an amazing lunch for me today. It was awesome . She is a terrific cook. And she gifted that lunch to me.

Though I can’t measure the love she put in that cooking, yes, that lunch was still a gift from the universe. It would cost at least Rs 100 ($2.20).

So I’ll add that to my manifestations.

Which makes the total manifestation till date = $ 433.20.

And well, amn’t I jittery when I tell you that only 2 more days remain to manifest money? Holy Christ.