10 Limerick Poems and Short Silly Poems That’ll Make You Smile :)

I first heard of limerick poems when I was in grade 6 or 7 I guess, and haven’t stopped loving them since then. 🙂

If you don’t know what limericks are, well they are short silly poems that have 5 lines and are quite nonsensical. There’s one thing that’s awesome about limericks though: you can’t help laughing!

Here’s a gem amongst limerick poems by a poet called William Monkhouse:

There was an old man of Lyme,

Who kept three wives at a time,

When they asked, “Why three?”

He said, “One is not enough you see,

And bigamy my dear sir is a crime!”

You grinned, didn’t you? 🙂

One important “rule” in the nonsense world of limerick poems is that the first two lines must rhyme, and the second two lines must rhyme too. The last line of these funny rhyming poems must then rhyme with the first two lines.

So to sum it up:

Nonsense + Fun + 5 Lines that rhyme in a certain way = Limerick 😛

By the way, did you know that I churned out 10 limericks some days ago? Well, yes I did. And here they go!

There was an old man from Delhi

Who had an enormous belly,

But when they said – “You’re fat!”

He  screeched like a rat!

And denied it frantically. 😉

There was a once a man from Lahore,

Who kept dancing more and more

He danced all day and night

On rainy days and bright,

Until he collapsed on the floor. 😉

There was once an alien from space,

  Who thought ‘earth’ was a cool place

  He loved the flowers and trees

  And the buzzing bumble bees

  Until one bit him in the face. 😉

Alien Having Fun!

There was once a man from Grande,

  Who rowed his boat on land

  When they said, “You’re mad!”

  He was very sad,

  And asked for a helping hand. 🙂

There was once a boy from Belize,

Who said, “I want to sneeze, I want to sneeze!”

But when they said “No way

You’re not going to sneeze today!”

He shut up and enjoyed the breeze.

There was once a boy called Micks,

Who said “I hate Limericks!”

But when they told him, “Son,

You’re already part of one!”

There was no end to his hysterics. 🙂

There was once a dog from Quark

  Who suddenly forgot to bark!

  He kept moving around,

  Without making a sound,

  In the city’s central park.

There was once a granddad from Macay

  Who recounted tales from his day,

  “There was once a time,” he said

  “When politicians had a head.”

  The grandson fainted right away!

There was once a man from Glasgow,

Who kept saying “Bow, wow!”

But when they said, “That’s mean!”

He blushed like a teen,

And started saying “Meow!”

There was once a man from some town,

Who kept jumping up and down.

When I asked him, “Dear sir,”

“What makes you so hyper?”

He stared like I was the clown. 😉

Well, hope you enjoyed those silly rhyming poems. I like writing them every once in a while and you can try writing them out too!

In fact, here’s another list of limericks I wrote – here they are.

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