A Small List of Good Books to Read and My Reflections After Reading Them

There are many books that have changed my life little by little and here’s a list of those books.

Out of these life changing books, there are four that I have written about in-depth. These books touched my life and affected my beliefs in a very significant way.

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen is the first book. It is about the power of thoughts. We all talk about thoughts and how they affect our lives but are you really “aware” of your thoughts? Do you just keep thinking random things throughout the day or do you sometimes direct your thoughts too? This book struck me down by making me realize that talking about thoughts and stuff is all right but what is really required is being aware of my REAL thoughts in daily life.

Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks is the second book I have written about. Guess what, it is also about the power of thoughts.

It talks about a strange concept – it says – what we think actually creates the circumstances we experience. That is, if I keep thinking about an elephant all day, my life WILL somehow manifest elephants. Huh? I was surprised too but a part of the book definitely made sense to me.

The third book is The Little Prince? It is the story of a young boy from another planet – that connected so deeply with me – that it made me cry. As you listen to this pure and innocent boy talking to different people across the world (and universe), you can’t but re-discover your own natural innocence. I’ve written a summary of The Little Prince and how it affected me right here.

The last book for now is The Alchemist. I first read this book way back in 2003. Since then I have read it twice and every time the book has meant something different to me. The last time I read it, it meant waking up from a state of “giving up” to a state of “my dream rocks” in a coffee shop. 🙂 Here’s what happened.

Happy reading!