Leo Babauta: 3 Questions to a Really Inspiring Person

Leo Babauta is a famous blogger who often writes about making small changes everyday that add up in the long term. Some inspiring facts about Leo’s life include:

1)He wakes up at 4:30 AM everyday.

2)He has developed his own organizing and productivity increasing system called “Zen to Done” which focuses on getting everything done AND also enjoying the moment.

3)He’s consciously made some really big changes in his life. He has quit smoking, developed a routine of waking up early, run several marathons and triathlons, become a vegetarian, tripled his income, quit using his car, and done a lot of other fascinating things.

Let me tell you how I feel when I read Leo’s blog posts. For some moments, they help me feel relaxed and refreshed. I feel like in this moment – all is well – and I can change my life slowly, one step at a time. And I can take that first step now.

Here are three questions that I asked Leo Babauta and his answers. It’s a short interview but then I guess Leo means what he says even if its just a few words.

3 Simple Questions

Meghashyam(Me):What according to you, is the purpose of your existence? What do you think you are here on earth to do?

Leo: We create our own purpose. Mine is compassion — easing the pain of others.

Meghashyam(Me): During a normal day, most people try to think positive thoughts and maintain a happy frame of mind – but they eventually falter and experience a lot of negativity too. Only very few days are amazing and awesome. What do you do to keep your energy levels high throughout the day and keep feeling awesome?

Leo: Awareness and practice. Pay attention to your negative thoughts as they happen, then learn to let them go and replace them with more positive thoughts. It’s like magic when it happens, and you get better at it with constant practice. But you can’t practice without awareness first.

Meghashyam(Me): If there was just one line you could say to help and inspire people the world over, what would you say?

Leo: I would steal from Thich Nhat Hanh: Smile, breathe and go slowly.

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