The Law of Attraction Challenge: Day 7 It Is!

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

As you can see from the “total” displayed on the “pot”, I’ve manifested a total of $20.19, in these 7 days of the Law of Attraction Challenge.

$500 Doesn’t seem very far…

Or does it? 🙂

The Email

As usual the email suggested something really unexpected and interesting.;)

It asked me to think about the things that I hated about myself. Like did I keep thinking – “oh I am so fat..” or “I wish I was more courageous..” ? If there was something in me that I did not like, that would sub-consciously be forcing me to spend more money, the email said. Like if I was fat and hated that fact, I would be spending more money to make-up for that “bad feeling” my hating gave me.


So, the email suggested that I focus on each of these things about me that I do not like – and then try to feel LOVE for it. Like I could think about my “fatness” if I hated it, and then try to feel love for my fatness right now.

And once I did feel love for all of the things I didn’t like, I would automatically start saving a lot more money that I normally would, said Jason!

What on Earth Did I Do Today?

I lay down on my bed. I switched off the lights. And I thought, ‘What is it that I do not like about myself?’

For a while, nothing came to mind.

Then, slowly, I realized there were things I didn’t like at all…

I’ll tell you two of them.

1) My Skin Color

I’m not black but my skin color is on the darker side. Here’s a picture.

I realized that MANY times in the day, I was resisting this skin color. Like when I’ve sat in the lunch room with co-workers, I’ve thought at times– “Should I have washed my face? I hope I am not looking too dark…”

Once, sitting with my boss, I’ve thought – “It is evening and I haven’t washed my face all day, so I must be looking dark and unattractive..”

I thought of all this as I lay down.

Then I thought: “Could I love my skin color just the way it is?”

I spoke to myself in a gentle, loving tone: “Meghu, your skin is nice just the way it is. You can look attractive even with dark skin. You know this girl Carol (name changed) who has much darker skin than yours. And yet she looks beautiful, doesn’t she? So that means, you too can look handsome with the very skin you have. In fact you know you look nice, don’t you? It’s OK to have a skin color that is dark. You need not resist it. I love your face just as it is. Washed or unwashed, no matter how it, it is your face and it is lovable. I love you “dark boy”. :)”

I felt a bit better. I felt a bit lighter. I had released something, at least a part of my resistance…

2) My Bulging Tummy.

When undressing, many times I have thought – “Oh I am so fat.. “ (I’m not really 😉 )

I have a special ceremony coming up where I’ll have to take my shirt off for the entire duration of the ceremony. “What will people think of my paunch then?”, has been a frequent thought.

“Is my tummy jutting out too much? Oh goodness, look at how fat I am!” I have thought these things many, many times, and I have sucked my tummy in to look thinner. 🙂

Now the big question: could I love my fatness?

Hmm. I let the gentle voice in me take over.

“Meghu, yes you are a bit fat. You have a bulging tummy. And it is very good that you desire to be thinner, and have a fitter body. That’s nice. All I want to tell you is, while you do have this tummy, like it! You can change it one day, but till then why not love the unique tummy you’ve got?

Come undress. (I undressed.)

Now feel the tummy’s outline. Feel the bulge. Feel the fat. It’s OK. You can show this to everyone without hiding it, because right now it is part of you. It is good you desire that it go – but while it is there why not love the fact that it is yours!

Flaunt it when you go for that ceremony. Let anyone think what he will! Let them think you are fat: I mean you are and you love it because it is you! Not that you don’t desire to be fit, but you don’t hate your fatness either.

When your tummy bulges out of your shirt, in trains, at work, when you’re with your girlfriend, let it! Let your paunch freely show as long as it is there. It is you. That is the truth. Why not like the truth and be happy about it?

One day when you do start working on your physical fitness, it will go away. Till then make peace with it. :)”

I again felt a similar kind of lightness. I need not resist my tummy any more..

And the Amount Manifested Today Was…

Google Adsense came to the rescue. I had decided that I would credit anything > 20 cents to the law of attraction as 20 cents was my average income from Google Adsense in one day. Today’s income was $2.58!

Not a fortune, but I am thankful for the amount.

No matter what the manifestations, I am sure this experiment is helping me release some of my dis-empowering beliefs. I feel nice without them being there.

Thank you, Jason for offering this wonderful challenge.

And thanks to all of you, who read it, because writing about this law of attraction challenge’, makes me feel more accountable, and makes me take the challenge seriously.

I really hope it helps you too..