The Law of Attraction Challenge: $500 Manifested!

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

On Day 20 of the law of attraction website challenge, IT happened. Yes, the universe gave me $500. 🙂

It’s almost unbelievable – that I actually manifested it. I mean, how the heck? But yeah..its true.

FIRST – The Manifestations… 🙂

In the evening I was brooding about a lot of things. How would I get that $70 that remained to be manifested? Had I done the challenge exercises properly? Am I really in “vibrational alignment” with money?…

Then, my dad called.

His first line was: “I’ve deposited Rs 5000 ($106.60) in your account.”

Me: “Why?”

Dad: “It’s a gift from me.”

Me: (Still not believing it) “But why? :)”

Thank you universe, I manifested my $500 😉 I was terribly happy. In a way, relieved. The freaking law of attraction works.

And then more money started rolling in! I went out to the mall to eat. And what do I find on the stairs? 24 “Game coupons”!

You can exchange 24 game coupons (about $0.25) for small little gifts like pens, fluorescent gel tubes etc. I exchanged them for a nice little glistening pen. A gift from the universe…

On my way back home, I gifted the pen to an auto-rickshaw driver. And felt immensely peaceful. I felt glad while giving it away… Somewhere I felt that I need not worry about money going away anymore. I could trust the universe: it would give me money when I needed it.

And if you thought this was enough for one day, well to put it bluntly – it wasn’t.

In the afternoon, I had manifested Rs 45($0.95) already!

When I went to grab my sub at Subway, I had no idea they were running this awesome discount scheme where I got a sub and a coke (which normally costs Rs 125 ($2.66)) for Rs 80 ($1.70)! I mean, what the heck? Is it raining money everywhere? 🙂

My total manifestation in the $500 manifestation challenge is $541.00. It has succeeded. Wow.

And What About the Email I Received Today?

As usual – Jason sent a weird email (when hasn’t it been weird?)

‘Whenever we meet strangers, we classify them’, he said. We sub-consciously think “He’s richer than me”. Or “He’s poorer than me”. And then we feel inferior or superior….

Today, he wanted me to…observe that feeling. Like if I saw a guy richer than me, he wanted me to observe that feeling of inferiority I was experiencing. He wanted me to see what went on in my mind as I saw him. And then…accept his richness and feel OK about it.

And when I saw a poor man, he wanted me to observe the feeling of superiority… And then…release them and accept the poor man’s lack of money. That was OK too.

Somehow, this would release my excessive attachment to money – and that habit of defining myself in money terms.

And that would allow more money into my life.

I love these exercises! They stretch me like a rubber band. 😉

So Well, What Did I Do?

Nothing much, actually. You know, half the time I was too busy thinking about the rest of the $70 and how they would manifest. So much so that I almost neglected the exercise itself. Greedy me. 😉

In the mall today, I saw an old man. He was well dressed. Definitely richer than me. Poised. Silent. He went up to the counter and asked for his dish. Then he started complaining about the dish he was served. Talked arrogantly. Made faces.

I saw all this. And I thought, “This guy’s so rich and he’s so arrogant and lost in his own self. Maybe that’s what rich men do – they just get stuck up in themselves. They think they are the world. So egoistic they become..”

After a while I noticed. STOP!

What the heck?

I saw those thoughts lambasting the rich.

It’s OK that he is rich. I need not resist it..And it is OK that he is as arrogant as he is. I need not trouble myself and focus on that. I need not judge. I myself have behaved that way. I have felt angry at the waiter when he has not served food properly….It’s OK…Let him be…all is fine.

I felt better, at least in the moment.

While going back home from the mall in an auto-rickshaw, I suddenly asked myself, “What do I think of that auto-rickshaw driver?”

I observed.

I can say I thought he was a nice guy but I would be lying if I said only that. I thought he was a nice guy and he was inferior to me in some way. I thought he was poorer and therefore somehow lesser than me.

I was startled to find this. Did I really feel this? Me?

But I did.

He IS where he is. He earns what he earns. I earn what I do. He has his own goals. I have mine. We are different in some ways..But he is NOT inferior in any way. Whatever it is, it’s OK. All is well.

I wasn’t completely convinced. In fact to tell you the bare truth the perception of people being high or low depending on the money they earned hasn’t really disappeared yet. But yes, at that moment in that auto-rickshaw, I felt a little more peaceful than usual… 🙂

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is a special day. It is the last day of the 21 day law of attraction website challenge. Now I feel at peace. The $500 has been manifested. I can let go and chill out on the last day!

Have a reasonably rocking day.