Law of Attraction Techniques – Here’s an Interesting Method of Applying the Law of Attraction

Recently I discovered a wonderful way to make use of law of attraction techniques in my everyday life!

And that has made me very happy. 🙂

Are there times in the day when you are just idle? Like when you are sitting in a train for an hour. Or when you are standing in queue.

Or x, y and z situations where you are doing nothing but it seems there is not much you can do either?

The idea is to use that idle time to dream about what you really want and how you want things to be!

Applying the Law of Attraction: My Story

Every day, when I come home after work by train (that’s 1.25 hours), I think of what I want from my life. For example, the two main things ruling my life right now are my girlfriend and this website. So I dream and dream about this website. Like a few days ago I dreamt about how this 68 page site will grow to 100 pages by December 31. I dreamt about how it would have 100 visitors a day (up from 50 something a day) by Dec 31…Then I dreamt about how it would earn me 50 dollars a month by January end, 300 dollars a month by February end and around 1000 dollars a month by April..I imagined going to my boss and submitting my resignation and feeling terribly happy about it…I imagined planning my world tour..with the love of my life….Oh, you can be sure I imagined a whole world of things. 🙂

And this was only about my website…About “her”…well…I just dreamt and dreamt and dreamt…….;)

And guess, what – the very same train journey which earlier seemed so long (1.25 hours..huh..) now comes to an end so soon! And every day I now look forward to the same train journey which I once thought about as – “Oh, that journey…..”

There have even been times when I have been standing in the train surrounded by tens of people – with no space except to stand cramped– and I have dreamt away and smiled in bliss.

So why do I think this is a wonderful way to use idle time?

Firstly – it involves putting the law of attraction to optimum use! See, the law of attraction says that whatever you dominantly think about happens…So if you keep dwelling about nice things – and the wonderful things you will achieve, you will attract more of them! So dreaming about what you want when idle means you are definitely rocking the law of attraction.

So what have I attracted by such dreaming? Not sure. 🙂 However – I am definitely having one of the best times of my life with my girlfriend 🙂 and my work is rocking too! Not to mention the website – I have really been making satisfying progress on it. And to top it – I miraculously get a seat on my to-work bus almost every day despite the bus being too crowded! Is all this because I am attracting nice stuff? Could be. 🙂

Secondly – this dreaming just feels amazing. I mean, just try it for one day – getting absolutely lost in imagining what you want when you are idle. When I come home every day, I feel enthused, seriously! I mean, it just raises my energy levels – thinking about the things I want. When I come home thinking about how I am going to create 100 pages for my site by December 31, I feel as if I have actually created the 100 pages just now and am satisfied! It does not feel like I’ve just worked the whole day off at an office. So yes, it feels good.

Applying the Law of Attraction: You

So could YOU try this too? I mean, why not try it once today or tomorrow when you are idle? Maybe you go to the gym. You could try it while you’re exercising! Or maybe you drive to work – why not think about what you really want? Or when you are getting a haircut?

Think about how you want your life to be! Create in your dream world. Are you quitting your job? Buying a house? Driving a new car? Why not? And when you dream, you’ll definitely be applying the law of attraction.

I’d say I am thankful I hit upon such a simple law of attraction technique.