One of the Most Interesting Law of Attraction Techniques: Day 4 of the $500 Challenge

The Goal: To Manifest an EXTRA $ 500 in 21 Days by Doing One Exercise Suggested here Everyday.

There are 17 more days to go after this day, and I want to manifest $500 till then. 🙂 What’ll happen?

When I started this $500 manifestation challenge, I was a bit apprehensive. I was like: I’ll be stumped if I don’t manifest something in 21 days.

Now, that is not so… Despite no stunning manifestations, I feel confident, hopeful at least. The Universe can do wonders… The daily exercise in that email is indeed slowly opening me up to receive more money… It seems possible to manifest $ 500.

The Email

The mail I got today said something very simple: “Listen to these two audios.” That is all.

That’s it? 🙂

Jason says his life changed after he listened to these.

The audios I am talking about are on this page.

Listening to the Audios

Something changed in me while I was listening to the first of the audios. I felt this was a big change.

Let me tell you what was in the audios.

The essence was – “Whatever it is you want, clearly imagine the scene in your mind. Imagine it VIVIDLY. See yourself acting as you would act if what you wanted came true. Hear the same sounds you would hear then. See yourself BEING in the EXACT scene you want. And it will happen.

And do this ‘imagining and dreaming’ just before you go to bed at night.”

Supposedly, clearly imagining yourself to be in the exact situation you want to be in, before sleeping …and then gradually drifting off to sleep sends a powerful message to the subconscious mind.

The audio gave an example. There was a young woman who, while she was traveling in a taxi – clearly imagined a scene in which she was aboard a magnificent ship, with raindrops spraying over her face, and with stunning natural beauty all around. Within a month, despite being a waitress, she somehow got a chance to sail in EXACTLY such a ship with the exact same spray over her face!

Another example was that of a grandmother who lived away from her estranged daughter and grand child. The daughter didn’t even speak to her mother out of anger. Yet, every day before going to bed, the grandmother imagined receiving 2 letters, one from her daughter and one from her grand child – both very loving and warm…And she actually felt her hands touching the letters and she felt the joy as she imagined herself reading them. And she did this every night – before she fell asleep. Lo and behold! After 10 days of imagining she received the exact letters she had been expecting with the exact same words!

There you go. I’d say, you should listen to the audio too. And try out the law of attraction techniques it mentions. They are empowering.

Any Manifestations?

Not in terms of actual money. But I did receive an email from my dad. The essence of the email was that he would love to send me some money, especially since I was making a trip to another city next month. “Did I require any money?”, he asked. If I told him how much I required, he would send it, he said.

I attribute the fact that I received such a mail to the law of attraction. Let’s just wait and watch. 17 days to go!