The ’17 Seconds’ Law of Attraction Technique: My Experience

I recently read about some interesting law of attraction techniques. One of them said: “Think for 17 seconds about anything, purely, and it will somehow start manifesting in the universe.” That seemed odd. Just 17 seconds. ? 🙂

The book with the technique said that we generally thought about things for around 7-8 seconds and then thought contradictory thoughts immediately. Like we would think – “I want to be a millionaire” for 7 seconds and then we would think – “But how can I be a millionaire?” And so it wouldn’t happen.

If we thought about being a millionaire for 17 seconds purely, without contradicting ourselves – it would somehow start to manifest, the book said.

Hmm. Sounds, very nice, I thought.

17 Seconds and Mission Drunk Friend Rescue 

Then suddenly an event occurred which gave me a wonderful opportunity to use this “17 second” process. And I used it.

My friend got dead drunk at 3 AM and supposedly rushed to the airport while drunk. As soon as I heard this news, I rushed to the airport to save this meandering soul. I searched the airport completely – or should I say I sniffed it over? 😉 But I could not find him. I asked as many people as I could but no one had a clue. I was frustrated – when suddenly, I thought – why not use this 17 second technique NOW? So I stood still, closed my eyes and thought of this friend. I thought of how he had cooked breakfast for me once. He had dressed me once when I was going out on a date. He had also sheltered me once when I had no one to go to. I kept remembering his kind face and the numerous ways in which he had helped me. I felt grateful. “Fine, 17 seconds must be up by now “– I thought.

Somehow, I felt very hungry after this “17 second thinking”. I went to a nearby samosa stall. While I was eating the samosa, I suddenly felt the urge to ask the guy selling samosas if he had seen someone who looked like my friend. To my astonishment – he said he had! I mean, all the security guards had told me they had not seen him. And this guy explained he had seen a drunkard going down the steps! Wow. Had the 17 seconds worked? I was stunned.

I rushed down the steps. I frantically searched for him again. After about 30 more minutes of re-sniffing the “downstairs” part of the airport, I was frustrated again. I was about to go home, again. 17 Seconds or not, I couldn’t find him. Then I thought – let me think of him again – what harm will 17 seconds more do? So I stood and tried to think nice thoughts about him again. It was difficult – I wanted to stop this 17-second-focus thingy and just go home. But something made me stop and focus and I recollected his face. I saw him smiling. And I smiled at him. I saw his “breakfast making” picture again. That felt nice.

Can you believe what happened next? It was a bit strange. I felt the urge to call another mutual friend. This friend suggested – “Why don’t you check with the airways? Maybe he has actually boarded a XX flight to Delhi? A Delhi flight leaves in an hour.”

I checked with two airlines that had a Delhi flight soon. “Was there a drunk man going to Delhi with the name ______?” No, they wouldn’t disclose it. It was against airlines’ rules. “Fine,” I thought.” 17 Seconds can only take you so far. Let me go home.” Just then, an airlines guy called me back and said – “Wasn’t that guy short? Yes, yes, I myself made him a ticket. He has boarded XXY flight.” I was stunned. 🙂

The 17 seconds had worked again! I felt nice that the friend was at least safe – he would obviously get sober by the time his flight landed.

It later turned out that he had taken a flight to visit another friend in Delhi and he was perfectly safe.

But what surprised me was that the 17 seconds worked every single time! I mean, I did not see my friend appear right in front of me every time I thought of him purely for 17 seconds. But every time I did the 17-second-thingy, circumstances so occurred that I somehow got nearer to finding him!

I don’t know how this actually sounds. Maybe it sounds like a string of co-incidences. Maybe you’ll think it wasn’t a big deal. But even now – when I remember how I couldn’t find my friend at all and how I suddenly found information about him as soon as I thought about him for 17 seconds – I still feel amazed.

After this interesting “17 seconds event”, I decided to try it again. Every time, it worked in unexpected ways. Like once – my girl friend was angry with me and I thought for 17 seconds – “I wish she said – I love you.” With this thought I went to sleep. Next morning, the moment I woke up – the first words I saw on my Google Talk chat were – “I want to remind you that I love you!” Huh?

Many times after that, in many unbelievable situations it has mysteriously worked for me. Finally, I have just started trusting it. What you think for 17 seconds freaking happens!

How Can You Use This ’17 Seconds’ Manifestation Technique?

Think about anything purely for 17 seconds. Or talk about anything with a friend for more than 17 seconds. Think about what you desire without at all allowing thoughts of the desire not being fulfilled. Dwell on it. Immerse yourself in it.

Then see if it works for you.

Yes it does sound strange – it even sounds easy. How can anything happen with just 17 seconds of thinking?

I am excited. 🙂