My Law of Attraction Meditation This Time Involved Thinking About a Pizza!

My 14th desire in this law of attraction experiment was to manifest a veggie onion, capsicum and tomato pizza from Pizza Hut along with a glass of Diet Coke. 🙂

Yes, I did manage to manifest most of what I had intended. 🙂

Here’s how.

Setting the Intention A.K.A. Law of Attraction Meditation

Despite having set so many intentions, I still find it difficult to get into the zone of setting an intention. This is because as soon as I relax on my bed and try to notice my breathing, random thoughts about life, living and everything under the sun cloud my mind.

It is after 5-15 minutes that I finally bring myself to a state where I am calm enough to focus on my intention.

This time around, when I did finally focus – this is what I thought:

I visualized a medium sized pizza at Pizza Hut that I had had about 8 months ago. The pizza was overflowing with cheese and had this peculiar smell that only Pizza Hut pizzas have. And I was loving that smell. I slowly cut out my pizza slice and held it in my hand as cheese dripped from it. Then, I shoved it into my mouth to savour it. All my senses lost themselves in that experience of tasting the pizza slice. Mmm…I was loving it. After I had had my bite, I raised my glass of Diet Coke and washed some liquid down my throat.

Things felt good.

And yes 17 seconds were definitely up. 🙂

The Pizza Manifestation

Can you guess what the first thing I saw after setting my intention was?

I proceeded to the living room after setting my intention and immediately saw a Domino’s pizza ad on TV. 🙂 Not exactly co-incidence eh?

Later in the day, as I talked with my girlfriend, she mentioned that she and her dad had both had a large slice of pizza that very day. She hasn’t mentioned such a thing in the last ‘n’ months, so well this had to be the universe’s doing… 🙂

Not much happened after that. Before I knew it, days passed and I forgot about this intention.

Until yesterday, that is.

Yesterday, in the evening I suddenly had this strong urge to go and dine at the Janakpuri District Center. Janakpuri District Center(JDC) is like a plaza in New Delhi which has a row of restaurants specializing in Chinese, Continental and traditional Indian cuisine . What I had in mind when I thought of going to JDC was having a traditional North Indian meal.

I definitely DID NOT have any intention of having a pizza.

At JDC however, Pizza Hut suddenly caught my attention and acting on impulse I just went in and took my seat!

10 Minutes later I realized that my intention had come true! I realized that I was actually savoring a veggie onion, tomato, and capsicum pizza (just the one I had thought of) at Pizza Hut with a bottle of chilled Pepsi (not Diet Coke 🙁 ) beside me!

The point is – my intention did come freaking true even though I had forgotten about it. Without consciously making any special effort to do this – I was enjoying exactly the same pizza I had intended and washing it down with a drink.

Hmm. I’ll give it to the universe. Thank you. 🙂

Next Intention

My next intention is (finally…) a more practical and useful one.

Since the last few days, I have not been able to talk to my girlfriend on the phone because of a lot of background disturbance at her end. As we talk, a certain “bumble bee” like buzzing starts and I can’t hear what she’s saying at all.

My next intention therefore is to get to her voice clearly with zero background noise.

(Edit: This is about how my phone’s keypad used to look at the time this article was written.)

Of course, I’ll be more than thankful to the universe if it grants me this desire. It’s definitely a strong desire this time.

“Wir sehen uns bald!” or “see you soon” as they say it in German. 🙂