Desire 2 of the Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment - Has Come True!

Well, I’ll not mince words and tell you straight away this time: the universe actually helped me manifest a pajama for myself using the law of attraction!

My success rate in this law of attraction manifesting experiment, is now 100 percent (2 out of 2) with both my desires manifesting using LOA. :) Wow, I am really starting to believe I can manifest reality..

So let me tell you how my 2nd desire to manifest a pajama for myself came true.

Desire 2 of the law of attraction manifesting experiment

Desire 2 of the law of attraction manifesting experiment came true. I can manifest reality!

What Did I Do?

On Saturday morning, just as in the case of the first desire, I lay down on my bed and took a few deep breaths. Then I asked myself: If there was no restriction and I could have any night pant on this earth that I wanted, then what kind of pajama would I want? How many pockets would it have? Which color would it be?

The vision of a dark brown night pant with 2 pockets on either side and a thin white lining below the waist came to my mind. I saw myself roaming the streets wearing this night pant feeling joyous and confident. I liked this imaginary night pant so much that I visualized going out in broad daylight wearing this pajama instead of my regular trousers. :) I remembered a similar night pant I had had 3 years ago. The very thought of wearing that pajama once again made me feel excited…

I looked at the stop watch. More than 20 seconds had passed. :)

Ah! I had set my intention.

Now it was upto the universe to manifest it!

So What Happened?

After my "Maggi success”, I was pretty upbeat about the second desire. All day, I kept expecting that SOMETHING would happen. At work, I expected to see someone turn up in night pants! On the streets I was looking for people wearing night pants; I wanted the universe to indicate that it was listening.

But nada, nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I did not spot any pajamas.

In the evening, a friend - seeing me clad in a towel, said concernedly, “I just came back after a shopping spree. I could have bought pajamas for you…” That raised my hopes. Did the universe make him say that? Why else would he say that?

The next day was Sunday and I stayed at home for most of the day. I finished my daily errands, washed my clothes, and talked to myself about some important parts of my life.

When nothing happened by afternoon, tension set in. Maybe, I had done something wrong. Maybe I wasn’t calm enough while intending or maybe my intention hadn’t been pure. Or was it something about the law of attraction itself not working?

Sad face Law of attraction manifesting

Maybe I was not initially in vibrational harmony.

I decided to give the law of attraction manifesting experiment my best try by intending again. So I lay down on my bed once again and visualized my “dream night pant” yet again. :)

When night set in, and still nothing turned up, I decided to chill out and have dinner. No point fretting over what wasn’t happening. So with a spring in my step and a song in my heart I set out to eat at a restaurant I loved.

And then it happened.

About 50 meters away from my house, a make-shift marketplace had suddenly sprung up. It wasn’t there last week. Nor last to last week. But now for almost a kilometer to the right and left there were suddenly tens of make-shift cloth shops, eateries and “cutlery shops.” The shops were made of iron rods strung together, wooden sticks and plastic sheets and housed a variety of clothes, night clothes, and food items!

I felt weird because a thought wafted through me: “I was too lazy to visit a shop, so the universe has brought a shop home!”

Smiley Face Law of Attraction Manifesting

It feels amazing to manifest reality. Law of attraction manifesting is empowering.

Eagerly, my eyes scanned the nearby make-shift shops for night-clothes. As I walked on, I spotted a pajama exactly like the one I had imagined. It was dark brown in color and had two pockets on each side- like the night pant in my visualization.


I eventually ended up buying another pajama which I liked even more. :)

Here’s what I bought:

The Law of Attraction Manifesting Experiment pajamas that I bought

Law of attraction manifesting and vibrational harmony is great. But this photo could be better. ;)

The point is, the universe actually made sure I attracted a pajama into my life. That is heartening and also surprising…

After this wonderful manifestation, it suddenly started “raining” night pants. I saw person after person roaming around the marketplace wearing pajamas. :)

I am actually thankful to the universe for manifesting a pajama for me in its own unique way. My faith in the law of attraction has definitely increased!

The Next Desire

The fact that both my desires have come true has ensured that I am more “excited” and less fearful when I think about my next desire.

My next desire is to make my phone’s “ringtone” work.

Since the last 3 months, my phone has been acting weird: when someone calls - it says "someone calling” but it does not make any sound. It does not vibrate. And it gets switched off when I try to set the ringtone or change the audio settings.

My intention is to set this problem right and make my phone ring properly again. :)

And yes, I can’t deny that I am feeling pretty confident that this will happen in the next two days.

Exactly how will I set my intention this time? And how will I be able to manifest reality after I set my intention? I’ll tell you that in my next post. :)

Until then, please do wish me luck.

And yes, feel free to join in and start your own law of attraction manifesting experiment. You can even share your story with all of us here.

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